View Full Version : I want to know if i can combine prayers when depressed/dissociating?

09-17-2020, 12:37 PM
I have a form of mood disorder, and sometimes I dissociate, which is a form of losing touch with reality while getting intensely depressed or angry. It is caused by a triggering event. Yesterday, after feeling abandoned, I began to get extremely tired (also possibly due to the medications I take, but that may be a factor for something else), depressed and lose touch with reality, and this lasted until a few to several minutes before isha, but by then I was so incredibly tired, and already upset and traumatized, and thought combining was ok according to what i heard so i combined maghrib and isha at isha time. is this permissible?

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10-05-2020, 03:13 AM
I believe no one is answering because this is one of the trickier fiqh questions. Everyone is too afraid to give a fatwa. You should probably bring this one up to a scholar

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