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09-22-2020, 12:50 PM
Daily Routine for Better Memorization of the Holy Quran

Nowadays, many Quran learners search for the best ways or the most beneficial steps to better memorize the Holy Quran in the shortest time. Definitely, this would not be achieved immediately or within a specific frame, rather, there are some steps or a certain lifestyle that might help in achieving this goal.

1. Choose the most suitable time and get the utmost use of it:

Many people complain of their inability to memorize or recite the Quran, while if they considered their lifestyle, they will get to know that they waste their time unconsciously. Waking up early would help in providing much time and a better opportunity for memorizing the Quran and contemplating it. According to what prophet Mohammed (pbuh) has told us, it is better to wake up after Al-Fajr prayer. Moreover, any Quran learner should organize his/her time to allocate a certain time for the Quran memorization, especially by refraining from the distractors that lead to waste time in vain.

2. Set your priorities and specify your goals:

Organization and prioritization help more to reach our goals smoothly and easily. Any Quran learner should set his/her priorities and insist on making memorizing the holy Quran on the top of the list of his/her goals. By following this step, the Quran learner would undoubtedly reach this goal. The most important thing is to start with a short quantity to avoid getting bored or depressed. This is because what really matters is the quality and not the quantity. This is a key step towards better memorization of the Quran.

3. Practice reciting the verses in your prayers:

It is a blessing from Allah to have the obligatory prayers as well as the sunnah prayers as the Quran learner can revise what he/she has memorized in the prayers. Reciting the verses in the prayers would encourage the Quran learner to memorize the verses accurately. This would really help in enhancing the process of memorization. By practice, the verses would stick to the learner’s mind and would be easily remembered.

4. Place yourself in a suitable environment:

It is known that the environment that surrounds any learner, especially the Quran learner, affects him/her positively or negatively. Thus, it is very important to keep ourselves in an atmosphere that suits the Quran memorization and to avoid ang chaotic or unsuitable environments that would undermine our capability of Quran memorization. Therefore, the Quran learner should keep himself/herself in a quiet, clean, relaxing and encouraging environment to elevate their productivity in memorizing the Quran. In addition, they can listen to the verses by their favorite sheikh to facilitate the memorization process.

5. Keep on revising and repeating what you have memorized:

In order to ensure that the verses and the surahs that any Quran learner memorizes would not be forgotten, he/she should keep on revising. Regular revision helps the Quran learner to remember the verses and to keep them fresh in his/her mind. On the other hand, if the Quran learner ignores this step, he/she would easily forget most of the memorized surahs or verses.

May Allah Bless You All, Assalamu Alaikum :)

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09-23-2020, 10:58 AM
I can only speak for myself but, stress can really inhibit how much Quran I retain. The stresses of life and work can have a big impact with how much / little I'm able to concentrate as well as remember what I just read. Not knowing the language only compounds the problem. These are excuses of course, but it's also a reality many are challenged with.

I agree with the morning being the best time as that is when your mind is at rest and stress free, assuming you had good sleep.

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