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View Full Version : Different ways of making dua

01-16-2021, 02:20 PM
Assalamu alaikum,


At first I want to say that it's very important we make loads of duas daily. That's what Allah loves and our Prophet saws said that making a dua is core of ibadaah. The more duas you make, the better.

The best way to ask Allah for something is in tahajjud salaat, on sajda or to humbly sit, raise hands and ask Him for something.

But, sometimes we're not in a position to make it with our hands raised, or unable to get up for salaatul layl or even not loudly speak. For example, you might be driving a car or walking, or freezing during wintertime outside a house, or you're sick, but you need something from Allah, then there are other ways.

Please, list your ways of making dua in such situations.

Mine would be making it with my thoughts

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01-18-2021, 01:19 PM
The times u have mentioned (tahajud, sajda,) are times when when the likelihood of acceptance of dua is increased manifolds. However, other situations where u can make a dua is when u hear a rooster crow, while fasting and when u wakeup in the middle of the night randomly,
This does not mean that at other times dua is not accepted. As dua is the essence of worship, our lips should be moist with Allah's zikhr and dua all the time,
nowhere is it written that we have to raise our hands to make dua, or wipe our face afterwards,
make dua whenever u want, just have faith!

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