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View Full Version : Marrying a repented zaniyah

03-25-2021, 01:33 PM
Salam alaykom,

I am seeking some advice inshallah on a difficult topic and would like guidance from the muslim community

There is a story of a sister who used to commit zina in a haram relationship however that relationship ended

She started speaking to a new brother which is also a haram relationship however the brother chose to end the relationship in order to focus on Islam. The brother has since helped guide the sister and alhamdullilah the sister now wears the hijab and says she has repented for her past sins.

At this stage it’s been a month since they have talked. The brother and the sister previously had talks about marriage however the brother is having a very difficult time accepting the sisters past as a zaniyah even though she has repented for her sins.

The brother has engaged in haram previously but not to the extent of committing zina, although allah states do not even come close to zina. So the brother has always believed he will marry a virgin woman due to him abstaining from the sin.

My question is, should there be an issue of maybe ego that the brother has causing him to feel this way? The brother understands the sister has repented however still can’t accept it and it causes distress. The brother also understands that he’s become emotionally attached in the haram relationship with her and it has clouded his ability to judge.

Jazak Allah!

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03-25-2021, 06:18 PM

InshaAllah the info below will be sufficient to answer you.


A male fornicator would only marry a female fornicator or idolatress. And a female fornicator would only be married to a fornicator or idolater. This is ˹all˺ forbidden to the believers.
Those who accuse chaste women ˹of adultery˺ and fail to produce four witnesses, give them eighty lashes ˹each˺. And do not ever accept any testimony from them—for they are indeed the rebellious—
except those who repent afterwards and mend their ways, then surely Allah is All-Forgiving, Most Merciful. An-Nur 3-5

Marriage to virgin or previously-married woman :


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