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View Full Version : does Allah love me?

03-27-2021, 09:07 PM
i am a 25 year old muslim man.

i dont even know where to start. honestly being i am truly losing religion.
i have been what i consider a good person since i was a child. during the teenage years i was tested with being round people who werent worshipers and I maintained my worship.
i been praying salah since i was 14.I never smoked a single cigar, no drugs, trying to be respectuful to peole ( and it shows cause they love me back) i never fornicated. i dont watch pornography, i dont listen to music, i dont even masturbate..i stay away from evil and sin as much as i can but yet i do believe God isnt loving me or doing me any favor.

lets put it this way. i expected that God would lead me into a better life .
i only get hardships. mom died when i was 18, things just dont go my way.
while i try to see light and good in all whats happening its tough for me
i am not financially stable- its tough to find jobs especially recently while time is running up for me.i try so hard to get jobs.
whats truly testing me and occupying my mind is that im not bein able to find a woman ( and never had a relatiionship with a woman mostly cause of fear of fornication)

i like a girl a lot but she doesnt like me back i suppose.i lost contact with her cause she closed all social networks and i dont see her anymore on the street. she was beautiful and also shy.. which truly attracted me .i dont even know where to start with this case but i feel so so so sad cause God didnt write for me and this girl to be together yet i love her so much and am not able to get over her for more than a year. its rare that i like someone (even tho i am not shy at all) let alone the woman i want to marry. i basically feel that GOD DIDNT FAVOR ME , or loves someone more than me thats why HE gave her as a price to him and not me.. do i deserve this??

i prayed everywhere for this woman. in the mosque, at work when i used to have one, at the house, everywhere cause i wanted this to happen so so much. no matter how much i try ( by not looking at her pics on her abononded social media account( im just not able to forget her beautiful face.

i feel so broken hearted cause i see god providing for people who dont even care bout religion, they get more wealth and more amazing woman and here i am, a person who was grown a believer- left and forgotten. and that makes me feel betrayed, it kills me, its burning me.

now more than ever i need a miracle.

yes i know that allah sometimes withhold something from you cause he has something better in store but really> better than this woman? i dont think so.i am 25 nd i havent seen anyone as her. its becoming late for me as a 25 year old to find a virgin woman who is also a beauty and kind like she was.
someone please just tell me if God really loves me at all?' even tho i continue worship and keep distance from sins, im hanging on by a thread here. i no longer feel love.. how can u love someone when you devoted your life to him, yet He gives the best to others and not you?

i asked this before but didnt get lot of replies. any replies can possibly help me. im losing it.. i cant get much more of this.

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03-27-2021, 10:05 PM
does Allah love me? (islamicboard.com)

does Allah love me?
'hello. i am a 25 year old muslim man. i dont even know where to start. honestly being i am truly losing religion. i have been what i consider a good p...

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