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View Full Version : Listening to surahs on my walk

04-17-2021, 01:09 PM
Asak and Happy Ramadaan to all of you

I am a senior citizen. I love my morning walks and after fajr I set out with my ear pods so I can listen to the quran, some surahs and i feel really connected because it is a quiet and pleasant time with no distractions. I don't want to chit chat on my phone and I don't want to listen to music. I feel I'm starting my day right and with blessings.

Someone said this was not okay as I should be sitting in one place and reading them. I would like to hear from others and seek some opinions

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04-24-2021, 09:33 AM
Allaah says remember me (zik-ri) while you are sitting, resting, standing, walking or riding (any ride), meaning that one should keep remembering his/her Creator no matter in what position one is. So in my humble opinion it is permissible to listen qura'an while on morning walk and using ear pods.
Our religion is very simple to follow but unfortunately some has made it not only difficult but cumbersome.
And Allaah knows the best.

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