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View Full Version : Not being able to wash nose in wudu

04-26-2021, 08:53 PM
Assalamu ailikum warahmatullahi wa bararaktuh.
I have had a terrible nosebleed today MashaAllah and subhanAllah there is a blood clot stopping water from reaching there. Would it be ok to to tayammum insha'Allah as if I get rid of the clot it might damage my nose insha'Allah not.

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04-27-2021, 12:53 PM

Washing nose is not fardh part of wudhu, it is Sunnah. If you don't wash the nose due to any such problem, your wudhu will still be valid.

Please see this thread to find out more about the basics of tahaarah Basics of Tahaarah (purification)

Basics of Tahaarah (purification)
How many kinds of najaasat (impurities) are there? Najaasat is of two kinds: one haqeeqi (physical) and the other hukmi (ritual). 1. The najaasat which...

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