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View Full Version : Should I stop supporting a creator because theyre from Israel?

08-22-2021, 10:34 PM
There's this artist that I really like. Their work is very inspiring to me and Ive held it dear to me for a while, but recently Ive come to find out theyre from Israel. Im a bit conflicted : supporting them and watching theyre content means getting money straight into Israel's pockets , and I know that money wont be used for anything good. Israel has messed our countries up, stolen most of Palestine from us and has made the western public hate us, so I dont know if its fine to still support that artist knowing that it will not only help fund israel's harm but also that a figure I looked up to a lot is likely against Palestine's rights to its land as well.

To be fair though, that creator never implied they had anything against Palestine, mainly because theyve never talked about it as their content has nothing to do with that. Some of their work also promotes abstinence from alcohol in a way that , even before I found out they were from Israel, made it look like they were religious due to how cathegoric it was, making me even more conflicted.

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