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11-27-2021, 09:37 PM
Hello everyone, I'm fascinated by the whole entire Islam culture and would love to gain more knowledge pertaining to the religion.

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11-27-2021, 10:34 PM
Maybe you could start from this site:

Do you have some more detailed questions?

I do not know do you believe in one God. If so then ask a lot prayers daily for increasing knowledge, understanding, guidence seeing truth as truth and that God lets you follow it, for safety, to drive away satan, enemies and their evils away from you and every other good prayer.

You can ask in your words, like for example in some US movies, starting with dear God.

Get that "connection" with God and maintain it.
In Islam there is no "intermediary" between human and God.
In Islam prayer-dua is an ibadah and God loves the more we pray to Him.
We must ask prayer to God only.
Seek forgiveness for sinns and express gratitude (also prayers).

Your prayers are needed a lot and will be answered inshaAllah.

And read a lot. Ask prayers that God guides you and chooses for you what to read.

I myself find Kindle books best buy.

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