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View Full Version : *** The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم guidance after drinking milk ***

Zaheer Khan
01-23-2022, 11:51 PM

Abdullaah Ibn Abbas رضى الله عنه relates:

The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم drank some milk then called for some water. Once he got the water he rinsed his mouth then said, “It has fat.”


{ Imam Al Bukhari #211 and Muslim #358 fe Saheehain }

Imam An Nawaawi رحمه الله commented”

This hadeeth confirms it’s recommended to rinse the mouth after drinking milk.

{ Al Minhaaj Sharh Saheeh Muslim }

Imam Muhammad At Tameemi رحمه الله commented:

“The reason why the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم rinsed his mouth was because of the fat. It can be understood from this action that it’s legislated to rinse the mouth from all foods which contain fat, regardless whether drank or chewed. Its good manners to rinse the mouth afterwards to remove the fat. If the substance is heavy in fat, then it’s better to use siwak. For this reason the scholars say: it’s sunnah to use siwak to remove any fat after eating if the smell of the mouth changed.

{ Sharh Saheeh Al Bukhari }

*** And Allaah عزوجل knows best ***

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01-24-2022, 06:35 AM
Thanks for sharing.

For me, it would be interesting to know what the wisdom is behind this hadeeth. what consequences does having remains of fat in your mouth have? is it bad breath? tooth decay? something else?

I mean of course, practically everything causes tooth decay, but why fat in particular? because if it is about tooth decay, we know that one of the worst things for your mouth is sugar. when it is about bad breath, garlich and onions would be the first things to come up in mind.

So, why is in this hadeeth the focus on fat?

Zaheer Khan
01-24-2022, 07:16 PM
The Scholars have said this rinsing the mouth is Mustahab and applies after drinking greasy milk that leaves a fatty residue. Shaykh Abdur Raoof said, Some physicians have said that the remaining traces of milk may damage the gum and teeth. Rinsing after eating and drinking any liquid other than water protects the teeth from decay and prevents bad breath and similar dental problems.”
And Allaah عزوجل knows best.

Revert alYunani
01-29-2022, 07:05 AM
how did he know it has fat???????? SubhanAllah

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