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View Full Version : Jealousy - Black Magic - Immaturity

03-23-2022, 02:22 PM
I think there are many issues of immaturity and those that get jealous and then do black magic.

When for example they are young at school age-they are already getting jealous of other children and being competitive-some even start young and gossip and look to what others are doing (this is what the Jinn do-they spend their time following others), here they BYPASS what they are supposed to learn in life-how to apply yourself, working. So they are using an image of what is successfull.

So when this person gets jealous (whether male or female), it is the mere thought a fantasy that they can't handle -for example of someone living a good life, getting married-no one told them of this, that person has not demonstrated they have lived like this-but the mere fantasy in the jealous person's mind is enough for them to dwell on-and then they do black magic because of what their own brain has thought of.

Jealously-they let it consume them, they can't handle it- they even wish to get relief of it by asking for others to suffer (instead of disciplining the mnds and forcing themselves to behave kindly to their victim -remember we are not asking for people to feel 100% to do every thing right when they feel 100% OK with it). Here they are saying there jealously was so important that people should even die.

They then which has been widespread in the Islamic world-people have been playing society games, and so has this is prevalent instead of forbidding evil and enjoining what is good, they actually lower people's standards. A jealous pearson thinks they are successful when someone is envious of them-that is how they mark being successful.

This jealous person-yoou would have seen old people, even get jealous of a mere thought and spend their time getting jealous of even teenagers getting married-this is embarrassing- but they bypass this as they are relying on people to be upset. They would even do black magic on someone who's behaviour is bad-they might be drinking etc, but still this jealous person is looking at the impact.

Here, Allah does not endorse sorting out people's problems when they are playing society games. In the Quran, marriage is for believing men and women. If people had their way, Islam would look very different, we wouldn't be good enough to do anything else, as a person would just sit there not do very well in Islam and just ask Allah to make their life perfect-and if Allah endorsed this-how would people strive in the way of Islam??

A child can cry if they don't get a toy or whatever, we as adults cannot cry the same way-but evil people are looking for people to respond like a child, like if you are cornered and you are upset-they don't consider everything or other reactions that an Adult has. People when they grow up, if they were bullied, wished they would have done something different, or as Adults respond back more forcefully then they would have done as a chld-but the jealous person's only aim is that people sit there and cry like a child.

It is an injury and evil people will be punished accordingly.

But there is nothing that Allah has said that everything would work out perfectly. Just as he never stated that get everything OK and then be religious (this is where in the west they are pampering prisoners to keep them happy, so they be good-but when they don't get their way they will be bad-this is opposite of Allah's test). You cannot sort out everything, it is too messy, with the amount of people playing society games and even just asking for a son -and then dare to complain that things should be going a specific way. Enjoining good and forbidding evil is not about picking and choosing what you want -like a baby boy.

I think anyway a lot of people have an immature attitude to marriage -thinking that things should be in a certain way, be on the receiving end of love, things just slot in place. Allah said marry believing men and women- this is not a little bit believing -but believing. Marriage is about workiing together-and what do these people know of working together, when some of them haven't applied themselves to serving their parents?? Or even working-discipline, getting your head down and serving people-parents in particular with no complaining. They think it is based on teenager's level of as long as they are not criticised, and they go along with anyone they think respects them for who they are -but a little argument issue, sets them off. People are not complicated, we live simple lives, people can't even write an essay about themselves, but dawdle on about other people understanding them, when they have no more depth than a puddle. Need to accept we only live relative simple lives, we sleep, get up eat, work, pray etc.

This is where you would get along with anyone in Heaven, even if you didn't meet them before-as they are believers and their behaviour is right, no causing harm, problems.

The issues are with how marriage is written about and other issues-it sounds restrictive, because it is too the point. But plenty of people have worked hard at their marriage, supporting each other in poverty, working on farms etc. It is about being content-how do can you complain when you never been content-content isn't childish level of getting stuff and everything is made alright for you.

I think even though there are a lot of issues -there response to problems are not always enough with what people believe they should have. Self-pity is bad, as it is complaining that you should have something, it makes you resentful and become unreligious. Allah didn't say he will make everything perfect. Allah is testing people, he isn't just going to make them good, so they treat you better-as they should be good to worship Allah -that is the higher priority.

When Iblis refused to bow down to Prophet Adam peace be upon him , here Allah used this as a test of loyalty. As no one would refuse to bow down to Allah, he asked him to bow down to Prophet Adam peace be upon him (it wasn't worshipping him), therefore when Iblis refused to bow down, he was disobedient to Allah. We are told to do Daroods and think of the Prophets. We should not be arrogant and too haughty to listen. Like those who refused to accept the Prophets-as they were jealous to, as their lives are not perfect, they made mistakes. Which is what atheists say as well, well I've made mistakes but instead of repenting, I am going to say Allah does not exist, so I don't have to put myself in that position of sorting themselves out.

People complain when they are jealous that someone might not accept them-but then what is their love worth?? Allah accepts them-they can't complain about that. But they get fixated on people who only live a short time in this world. The problem with jealous people, black magic, isn't just about them, but about responses and expectations.

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