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View Full Version : Let's Collaborate For Islam & Integrate Our Worldly Life With IT!

05-08-2022, 09:36 AM
ADVICE for all of us : A Bit of Criticism But Worth It

In The Name Of Allah,

While it's good to be career oriented,interested in joining best firms,giving your time in serving organisations or very much keen to be a billionaire,Do remember:

Your Religion is also your profession.It can't be considered a religion that you don't owe any service- you can't just live on take take from ALLAH and don't work for His Generosity's love on your imaan.

We don't have to ruin it all by occupying ourselves with this world only.

By being a Muslim,you should be immensely grateful and know your worth,the worth of your heart and brain - your awra should depict nothing but a personality of both secular and religion itself that forms an awesome beautiful disposition.

Your service as Ummati of Prophet Mohammed PBUH is required in these times of necessity.Don't take it all for granted.

Did you know ALLAH Ta'ala promised you His Help when you do your share for His Religion?(It's not about doing much,as little or much you can do,as it all matters" but just choosing this world only is going to "COST" us.

People have been CEO'S etc and they ended up under graves in mud all alone.We wouldn't like to be in such a situation when ALLAH abandons us- So cheer up and read this:

ALLAH (Subhanhu Wa Ta'ala) says in Surah Mohammed (PBUH) : Ayah 7

"If you SUPPORT Allah's Religion,then He will help you and make you steadfast"

So let's integrate this worldly life with our beautiful most religion and always pray for ourselves and for others "Success" in both lives.

Without ALLAH,we are nobody and He Ta'ala loves us to be "Somebody Special in both lives"

Praise be to ALLAH ❤
Peace and blessings be upon our Prophet ❤
And those eho follow him!

-Eusra Khan
Servant Of Almighty

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