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View Full Version : What is the real Friendship and How to Find a Best Friend? (1)

05-13-2022, 05:26 AM
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What is the real Friendship and How to Find a Best Friend? (1):welcome:

By Muhammad Rafique Etesame

This is the burning question now-a-days that how to find a best friend?

Because the man who has no friend, feels himself alone and desolate. That is why he always looking for a friend that should be the sincere, faithful, honest and selfless one, and is ready to sacrifice everything for the happiness of his friend.

And if by good luck someone finds such a friend then he feels that a spring comes in his life, as the buds’ crack, flowers bloom and the colors of rainbow are scattered in the air.
The question is, whether it is possible to find such a friend? Although it is not impossible but is difficult also. Because as usual, we find those who are the selfish ones and cut the roots of their friends and make their own way instead.

But in this selfish situations, we can find an absolute True Friend Who Stays forever with His bondmen for all time.
The One who is invisible but helps his friends and does well to them, The One who is powerful with authority, Knows well how to carry out his command.
Yes, this friend is Allah Almighty! The Master, The Creator, and the king of the universe, He is really the True Friend of man.

The holy Quran makes mentions about it,” Allah is the Protecting Friend of those who believe. He brings them out of darkness of disbelief to the light of guidance “(2.257). And,” Or they chosen protecting friends other than Allah? In fact, Allah He (alone) is the Protecting friend, He will revive the dead, and He is Able to do all things” (Ash-Shoora: 09). And, “And if they turn away, then know that Allah is your Befriender—a transcendent Patron, a transcendent Helper” (Al-Anfal: 38).

The question is: what is the true definition of the friendship? So that is the friend who is of the opinion that whatever I possess, it is not mine but belongs to my friend if he makes demand…. what is this?
Yes, this is the real definition of the friendship; but considerable that the limit of friendship is within the realm of reason and Shariah Laws.
It means that mutual transactions of friendship will be held based on the shariah laws and not by the lustfulness demand. (To be continued)

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