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View Full Version : What is the real Friendship and How to Find a Best Friend? (2)

05-14-2022, 05:24 AM
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What is the real Friendship and How to Find a Best Friend? (2):welcome:

By Muhammad Rafique Etesame

Now the question is: what Allah has given or will give to man as being his Friend, and similarly what does man can give to Allah Almighty as being His friend?

So, what Allah has given to His slave, cannot be counted at all because His treasures of grace and generosity are limitless. He Ordains in the holy Qur’an, “If you want to count God's blessings, you will never be able to count them” (Al-Qur’an).
And as for the man, so what can he will give to his Friend on demand?

So, he can give to his Friend the most precious thing what he has by himself, and actually that is his soul and the wealth!
And if he fulfills this demand, then what will he gain in return it? The holy Qur’an reveals, "Undoubtedly, Allah Almighty has bought from the Muslims their lives and their property in exchange for Paradise." They fight in the cause of Allah, in which they kill and are martyred. For this is the true promise of Allah. In the Torah, in the Gospel, and in the Qur'an. You people rejoice in the sale you have made a deal with and this is a great achievement” (At-taubah: 111)


The holy Qur’an reveals, " But your Sustainer says: “Call unto Me, [and] I shall respond to you!” (Ghafir (The Forgiver) 40:60).
And,” Nay - who is it that responds to the distressed when he calls out to Him, and who removes the ill [that caused the distress]” (An-Naml (The Ants) 27:62).

It means that whenever a faithful believer makes a call without any fixed time and condition, then he will find his Friend with him, Who Says to him,” Don’t worry I am here.”

So in order to find such a Great Friend, it is necessary to the believer that he should give something first, and that is according to the basis of friendship that,” whatever I possess, it is not mine but belongs to my friend.” It means he should be surrender himself before the will of Allah Almighty the True Friend, in order to be the successful in this life and also in the Hereafter. (The End)

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