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View Full Version : You are not good because you want to be happy

05-23-2022, 06:20 PM
I like to add that there is a huge issue that I see, that is taken from the western model of just being happy, that corrupts individuals thinking they are good. So when they are older, they cannot handle problems and even commit suicide, but their parents say that they were such nice people. I will use the extreme end of example (has cannot go through all variables),

But I think the problem largely is:

1. Say there is a young adult, who thinks there goal is just to be happy in life, they hold onto perhaps being a child, where they are entertained, hanging around with friends as teenagers and they think this is the height of happiness (this is where you get social media influencers replicating what is a childish level, having a party, going to places to entertain each other).
2. An adult normally would say they are happy after doing a task, being helpful, I painted a fence, I am pleased that I've completed this, i have painted the walls, I am happy I've achieved that, my parents are so happy, I've made this person's life easier, so I am happy.

Allah is not judging you on the Day of Judgement on:

1. how happy you were eating ice-cream,
2. That you went on holiday and enjoyed it

The test is to be grateful.

This is where people need to learn to be servants -how you can learn to put Allah first, if you don't put others first??? Some people are under the illusion that they are good, just because they studied, and got a job-but here you are not good because you are trying to get the life you want, but by reaching potential of helping others. If you cared about that more, you wouldn't be complaining if it doesn't make you happy-that is why the Mother's love is used as a reference as she gives up her life to invest in her children doing well.

People who have a childish agenda to be entertained, complain that life doesn't work out for them, they complain as they are not used to living as an Adult more.

I think one of the biggest issues facing people is maturity. They think they can jump ahead to talk about marriage etc, and expect things to slot in to place and when things don't go very well they act as an injured party- but as per the Quran, marriage is for those that believe, too many people are asking people to fit down to their level and make their immature lives work.

The west is corrupted there as they even do the opposite in Islam-we don't say that we have to give thieves a good life to stop them from stealing-as they shouldn't be. They are teaching that they need to treat criminals in such a way, that they are led to believe they had a lack of self-control.

I think too many people jump to the examples of murder, rape etc to think they are not evil, but imagine, going to hell with the Murderer-your murderer or rapist. The law of Allah is from him, and not from people's personal views, if people didn't look towards Allah and complinaed more taht they wanted such an such human to be nice to them-they did not seek a reward from Allah. They even committed suicide as they said someone's evil actions were so great that their lives were so small-they tthrew away their lives as they made more of a person's sins to them. As Allah stated, fear him. People who complain about Muslims saying we are scared-we should fear Allah as well as being pleased- that is a strength, where they fear each other and even teenagers roaming the streets.

You are not good, because you enjoyed a sunny day and had a good time hiking, you are good, if you went on a hike and remembered Allah and thanked him that he created you in existance that you enjoyed the weather, hills, trees, etc. You are not good, because you just wanted to be happy, you are good because you are a Muslim and following the ways of the Prophets.

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05-23-2022, 06:23 PM
I like to add that is where some parents spoil children, and when they grow up, and are depressed, they think that by entertaining them as children, will make them happy as they once where-but they don't need to be like children, teenagers, they now need to be as adults, and focused of what they can do for others, and not concentrating on being on the receiving end of love and attention

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