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View Full Version : Deceased -still to be grateful to Allah

05-25-2022, 12:37 AM
The recent news of the school shooting is heart breaking, sending children to school and now having to bury them. It reminded me of some of the troubles that people have with losing someone.

Remember you can't say to Allah, I can't enjoy your sunny day as such an such a person died.
You can't say to Allah, I can't enjoy the fruits that you provide, as such an such a person died.

Your relationship between yourself and Allah is greater. It is more deserving of respect then you owe to the deceased-as Allah is your Creator. Everything and everyone belongs to him.

Muslims can be more formal than others as we remember we will not be able to help you on the Day of Judgement, so the people that you have been crying about, will not be looking towards you. They will not be seeking you.

There are some that have even said that even if people that have died as disbelievers who will be going to Hell, will be thinking of the living and seeking out news -they are clearly not remembering that nothing that anyone can say will ever overide someone thinking they will be going to Hell-there is no freedom of movement or thought. When your test is finished, and Hell is shown, that is all you will be thinking about-it is wrong to think that anyone or anything will take over that. No concern for anyone in this world. Even when they see people at their funerals they are in agony with their fate, they are not looking towards people's sympathy and feeling sorry for them, they don't care to think of that, the only thing that they are concerned about is they are going to Hell and nothing will replace that.

Allah does not reward people Paradise for making up their own rules, They need to follow Allah's law-not their own, it is that they have wronged what belonged to Allah, so if people don't repent, they may end up going to Hell with murders and rapists etc. You can't create your own laws and say I am deserving as I had a bad time-no Prophet has ever came and said you can go to Paradise, just because you have been in sorrow-rather that you need to believer-why as you are not being arrogant and elevating yourself (when you have no right as you have not created yourself), your personal views are not important. There are those that typically say rest in piece, and like to say such and such a person is watching over them-where is their text-did they have an angel coming to tell them that?? This is arrogance and they are saying that person is deserving of a good place as they had a good relationship with me=-but not with Allah. You think your relationship amongst yourself is higher than with Allah?? It is not and never will be and neither can you offer each other more than what Allah has provided-your love is not greater than his.

Be kind to each other, and that is for non-Muslims and Muslims, we are all heading towards the Major Signs of they Day of Judgement and the Mahdi will be coming and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will be returning. Beware the test of the Dajjal (anti-christ)- so do not lead each other by foolish talk, as it is and can be difficult times for people already.

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