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View Full Version : Immature people praying to Allah

08-07-2022, 02:08 PM
There always is a number of posts by immature people, who find themselves in whatever situation whether talking to the opposite sex and then pray to Allah to fix it.

Here, they are not only disrespecting themselves, but Allah and everyone else.

If this is they way Islam worked, then Islam would be different, instead we would have Quranic surahs saying saying this if you have a problem with a future spouse - and look here, this is who those who do black magic speak like. All those that have done black magic were immature idiots.

Allah doesn't work at an immature level, it wouldn't be befitting of him to sort out your boyfriend/girlfriend situation and for him to endorse it-rather you need to repent, if you get married as still strive hard in the way of Islam.

But don't complain that Allah is not being Merciful for not sorting out your boyfriend/girlfriend for example scenarios. You are not being respectful to Allah.

If your problem was tangible, it wouldn't be befitting for a donkey to carry, let alone for Allah to send an angel to help you out. You are not even forbidding evil and enjoining good and you think yourselves ill done by when things don't happen your way?? (and listen instead to stupid people who say they will meet you in Paradise-when they clearly aren't following the right path, by speaking to the opposite sex) How evil is this -no different when people are willing to dump their children to be with the new partners

It has become the norm for those who respect others less to dictate how others should be, well you clearly would have raised wrongly, people spoiling you, well this is not how you can treat Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, who is far removed from your immature outlook.

Fear Allah, remember the Day of Judgement much, join only the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him when he returns.

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