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View Full Version : Am I really a munafiq? Is there any Islamqa website which is Salafi?

Nitro Zeus
08-24-2022, 04:24 PM
Assalamu' alaikum,

Guys, ever since I reverted to Islam at age of 15, I used to be lazy but I defeated years later laziness and now I'm able to offer the prayer. And whenever a tribulation befalls on me, I used to complain about it and I used to also say "if I had done this, it would not happen like this" and before I reverted to Islam, I was not taught about Qadr.

And with regards to Islamqa.info I discovered that it's founder is a Qutbi who is an Islamist according to Wikipedia and a influencer of this terrorist group named Muslim Brotherhood.

But when I realized recently that Qadr is part of Islamic belief system, I have accepted that wholeheartedly.

so my questions are:

1. Do you know some reliable and authentic Islam Question and Answer website which focuses on interpretation of Salaf besides Islamqa.info?
2. Is SeekersGuidance.org reliable and Sunni?
3. I ask you this question because I don't want to be from hypocrites, I want to be from true believers so I can reach Paradise. So, just because I have little characteristics of a hypocrite, does that mean I'm not hypocrite?

here's from where I got this idea: https://theheartopener.wordpress.com...uine-munafiqs/

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08-29-2022, 04:17 AM
wa'alaikum as'salaam,

1. islamqa.info is the most authentic salafi website out there. Read the bio of the sh. Munajjid on there and see for yourself who his teachers were and what he follows rather then listen to some other quack websites about it.

1.1. you can check out fatwa-online.com if you like, it too is reliable.

2. seekersguidance is questionable to me.

3. those who continuously engage in those habits and attributes related to hypocrites will me among the, slipping here and there and not willfully having and enabling those traits won't make you one inshallah.

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