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View Full Version : Economy -bad situation - and a distraction

09-28-2022, 04:28 AM
To make it easier, let's say you were in a small community, winter is approaching and you would be recommending people to stock on supplies where they can, in case they are stuck in a blizzard. If you didn't you would only make it harder on yourself having to reach out to your friends/family by walking in harsh conditions to provide supplies.

The economy today, doesn't empower people to be stock up on supplies, to help themselves - for a start they don't pay people enough, if they didn't, then they probably could save up for their retirement, if things go wrong, they may be able to help themselves better.

People today like to see themselves as doing better than people in the past-they see themselves different and more advanced, but when they have problems, they are then quick to say they are the same and will recover like them (but the past their open behaviour was diifferent-didn't accept such stuff like homosexuality openly).

Another situation:

Imagine you were on a small island with and everyone is self-sufficient. You come a long, create a government and start creating policies that you can come to me for this and this. So after the people on the island are now dependant on you. Imagine now being that dumb, that you start to believe that your role is more important than anyone else, as without you they wouldn't survive (this is what is happening today, they think they are fooling others, but they have fooled themselves more).


Prophet Noah peace be upon him didn't say to the people, that it is my job to make sure you have enough food etc, even if you're not repenting.

Everything is a mess, but a few things to point out are:

1. Allah doesn't keep people running around in this world like this so they can give whoever lots of income.
2. The evil doers ONLY confidence regardless of what they have, is that as with any other evil doer, they always think things are going to continue.
3. Presently, they think people are just going to have to make sacrifices and try to replicate a World War spirit in the past-but what they are failing to accept is that people have been making concessions for too long, lack of pay, quality of life -do they really think that people are in the mood??

Regardless of the above, the evil leaders plot and think they are in a secure position as they don't thin there is enough opposition to change the status quo-here they are failing to accept is that Allah himself will be saving people from this- as it is up to him how long people will be tested like this and then move to the Major Signs of the Day of Judgement. Even if you envisioned for your countries in 50, 100 years time, Allah would still allow the inhabitants to hear about him-that is not something that anyone can change in this world. This isn't about Western or Muslim countries-everyone is affected around the world. These are troubling times and that is where you need to hold steadfast in Islam.

They have been teaching people that they don't need to listen to anyone, see them argue even about transgender issues, etc, then fear the time where as things go in this world, that will be the end. Allah doesn't need to allow you to be tested by more people. As evil doers think they think getting rid of such and such a person is going to make their lives better, but then they face a greater problem - (and they wish they could go back and face the easier one-which currently is started by them).

Remember Allah, only join the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him when he returns.

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09-28-2022, 07:19 AM
Forgot to add, difficult to find up to date information to get a feel of what is happening, but I use https://www.youtube.com/c/ThisisJohnWilliams channel as well.

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