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View Full Version : Is marriage for everyone?

10-05-2022, 04:38 PM
As salam alaikum

I don't think marriage is for everyone
I myself have gone through a divorce
It was due to a medical reason
I was disabled and not fit to take care
Of husbands cooking and food...

Can't cook doesn't work :(

I know it's Sunnah but in some cases it can be disliked for some people with disabletys

So I think marriage is disliked in my situation

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11-08-2022, 06:11 PM
I do think marriage is for everyone. I know nothing of your struggles so I better not assume things lest I hurt you unnecessarily as I am sure you have gone thru difficulties I cannot even think of.

I have seen a lot of disable females make it thru but almost all of them had a lot of support even tho usually they would be hated by the in-laws.

And Islam does have a beautiful system of polygamy yet we are so far from being the ideal husband or even having an Islamic family that would support it that it would be extra hard to find people like that.

I will not be disclosing personal information on here. But I myself am partner to a disable person.

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