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View Full Version : Accepting the evil conduct -basics

11-06-2022, 04:01 AM
As people don't wish to feel "bad" about their sins they reject religion, so to say we are not run by them, so to say we don't have to be bothered about them. Extreme examples:

1. People who have sex outside of marriage , rejecting religion and becoming indignant when reminded of their faillures.
2. This is why people rejected the Prophets -they put their own corrupt minds first. So they didn't submit, out of jealousy and feeling upset about the sins that they have committed.

Some of the more extreme cases, where they devils have influence too:

Murderers, rapists, in the West they like to make them a bit complicated, but they are far from it, but simple, immature, weak people.

3. Here, they are bothered about their sins, but for them not to be bothered as in their minds, it is too much. So instead of rejecting it, in order to not feel bothered, they EMBRACE it and start saying this it them and this is here you get criminals talking, as if this is how their minds work. Nothing sophisticated about it.

4. Also, which is happening a lot is transgender and if you have seen the behaviour of some of them, it is embracing immaturity and blatantly not accepting the reality of their situation. To explain this example, imagine looking at children who are raised up by having people entertain them (here this is wrong, as supposed to be educating and teaching them skills more);

a. In order to understand, imagine a parent buying their child a gift or outing anticipating their excitement and living off that, they may say

I've got you this gift and now I'm going to take you out to the shops to find your favourite game, isn't this exciting, yeah. then we're going on holiday, yeah, isn't this so exciting.

The above is an extreme example, but this is what I've heard some transgender people speak like, even if they're opening up something or going somewhere -it is this heightened, extension of their childhood. Keeping a heightened level of excitement -rather disturbing.

b. Here, we know people around the world, regardless of backgrounds have gone against the parents' wishes, and even if you didn't when you grow up, you have to do a lot of stuff on your own=get your education, work etc-no body is going to cheer you along the way as if your a child and make the whole experience "exciting" like a child having holidays. So the transgender people need to have constant propping up.

Here, like a lot of problems in this world is immaturity. Stay away from bad people. You don't need to argue with them, they have heard about Islam and there is no need for debates.

Only accept the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him when he comes back

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