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View Full Version : Islamophobia in the modern world

04-08-2023, 01:13 AM
I'm not sure if this is appropriate since I joined yesterday, but it's been bothering me lately.

As I said in my introduction, I had an incident weeks ago, that caused me to take Islam seriously. A woman accosted me near Central Park. She bumped into me on purpose and started screaming racial epithets: terrorist, d**head, sand n***er. People witnessed it and we called the authorities. They told us that it was quote unquote, freedom of speech.

Again, I know I'm new here, so this is probably not the appropriate time to talk about this to strangers. It's been on my mind lately. Weeks have gone by and I still see this woman in the neighborhood. She even did it to the Muslim hot dog vendor at the corner a few days ago. Same thing. Authorities were called, they did nothing.

I know I shouldn't let it disrupt me from concentrating at work. This is the first time I've heard sand n word in years. Yet, I find my mind wandering when I'm supposed to be focusing on other tasks.

I've begun reading the Koran weeks ago, in defiance of people (some of them Middle Eastern) who say that it's —-. It's not —-. I don't understand much of it, but the parts I do understand bring me some hope for the future.

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04-09-2023, 04:00 PM
Okay, I didn't get a response to my request to post links in the messages. I am going to post the link to my blog that outlines what happened a few weeks ago in Manhattan. If this is not allowed, the moderators can tell me and I will remove the link.


This woman bumped into me on purpose and then screamed racial epithets at me. This is what really got me interested in Islam. I'm not sure people would want to read this because obviously you do not know me, but I would like to know if other Arabs have experienced this. New York is supposed to be a diverse place. This encounter was shocking.

People in the area identified the woman. As I mentioned, authorities told us that racial epithets are "first amendment." This made me very angry.

I've been reading the Koran for guidance. Truth be told it offers little comfort when the authorities do not take tangible action.

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