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View Full Version : How to stop having bad/tormenting dreams.

12-26-2023, 06:29 PM
Assam Alykum,
I started having bad dreams since 2006,even though before then I always had some personal issues which i always remind Allah in prayers.So the nature of this dream use to be finding myself in strange places and always someone else will be in control of my life affairs,each night i sleep i will find myself molested by strange women some seems like people I've met physically and others i've not.When i wake up i will find myself wet,this got nothing to do with watching porn.It doesn't matter whether i move to another location/country,same thing always repeat itself.Is not really something to be actually termed as a dream,is more or less set of people who always come to manipulate my life and always proclaim negativities.I do cover myself with Qurisuy and Qulhuallah before i sleep it never make any changes.Few months back,a brother told me to do ablution and play Quran on repeat on my phone before going to sleep,when i started this,the issue reduced initially but if eventually the quran recitation stops,this force will act immediately.Now I can't even see the lady face again,it will just happen snap and i wake up wet and weak for the rest of that day.
This force continue to monitor me and practically rendered my life useless.No matter what i plan on doing as soon as i sleep,I will see it has been destroyed,and that force will keep bringing negativities on me.He will make sure I'm made isolated anywhere i found myself so as to keep controlling my thoughts and emotions.
My question here is what Surah of the Holy Quran I can be reciting to keep all these satanic forces away from my surroundings?.
May Allah bless you all for your suggestions.

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12-26-2023, 10:51 PM
format_quote Originally Posted by Usman10
Assam Alykum,
I started having bad dreams since 2006......My question here is what Surah of the Holy Quran I can be reciting to keep all these satanic forces away from my surroundings?.
May Allah bless you all for your suggestions.

Wa Alaikumus Salam Wa Rahamatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Firstly, Don't Lose Hope!

- Do you know the power of Dua? Dua is a weapon of a believer!

Pronunciation: Bismillahil-lazee la ya-dur-ru ma’as-mihi shai’un fil-ardi wa la fis-sama’i, wa Hu-was-Sami’ul-‘Alim

Meaning: In the Name of Allah with Whose Name there is protection against every kind of harm in the earth or in the heaven, and he is the All-Hearing and All-Knowning

Learn More: https://www.duasrevival.com/morning-...-from-all-evil

01-14-2024, 06:11 PM
I know for sure my dad was a politician and as you know politic is more of playing on the satan side to have control of the world,is very clear to me they initiated me on to the dark side that's why this problem continue to persist,Infact the man that's been hiding and doing most of the manipulations actually happened to be a leader in my country,it happened after I started playing Quran on repeat when going to sleep that I just saw in dream just like you watch in movies a big bird turned to this man,and then went to meet my friend that told me to be playing Quran recitation before going to sleep.I did not know what they discussed in that dream but I also never asked my friend about this.Infact that problem started in 2006 when i encountered this man.What he's doing now is when never i met him he's no longer hiding his face and is either he comes to my family home with my relatives,I genuinely know what they have been doing with my life now.He is a politician and one time leader in my country and at the same time an occultic man,Which make sense now that my father was also a politician before.What Sura or prayers can i do for Allah to break all links between me and them especially the family part who are also part of this cult but always come out under the cover of being Muslims,but I know they do other things like magic and occult.

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