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View Full Version : How to defend Islam against Christian missionaries

03-23-2024, 03:49 AM
Peace be upon you, my dear brothers
Greetings to the administrators of this forum and all followers...

I saw many Christians mocking Islam, so I created a website to criticize the Bible line by line in order to teach Muslims how to defend Islam against Christian Christianization campaigns.

Therefore, I ask the honorable admin to allow me to publish the link to my Islamic website here:


Tree of happiness
Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, atheism, Bible, secularism, music, health, latest news, education , Quran, Bible,Movies, books, general information...

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03-26-2024, 08:03 PM
I wrote an interesting article in which I respond to missionaries and prove to them that the Bible considers the mothers of their prophets to be prostitutes.


The mothers of the prophets were prostitutes according to the Bible
Scandals of the Prophets of the Bible, Prostitution in the Bible, the lineage of Jesus, Bathsheba, David’s adultery in the Bible,Mother of Prophet Sol...

03-28-2024, 07:14 PM
A new post about one of the nonsense of the Bible and about the Jewish and Christian God who distributes free wine to the thirsty!


The God of the Bible provides free wine
Is wine allowed in the Bible, Jesus’ miracle of turning water into wine,Harmful effects of alcohol, how do I stop drinking the wine ...

03-30-2024, 01:57 PM
An article about how the Bible hates making many friends


The Bible hates making friends
Make friends, how can you have a friend, does the bible command love, bible legislation, jesus christ, bible verses...

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