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View Full Version : His Friends: Between Two Lies

02-09-2006, 06:53 AM
His Friends: Between Two Lies
- Jaihoon
[Wilayat (Sainthood) is not a position to be selfishly claimed for the recognition of this world. A Wali (literally friend) of Allah is a sincere slave who abandons worldly luxuries and strives to keep his devotion to Allah a well-kept secret. The general public should be vigilant of their outlook on such persons. ]

The man on the street shall not easily find
Hard is to hunt for those whom He befriend

Pearls lie in the heart of the ocean
Who could risk their lives to gain (them)?

Shells are scattered on the shore to play
They come under the feet of the Time

Even So,
There are today shells which otherwise claim
They dress in colors to match the pearl’s gleam..

A saint of past once uttered
A truth that’s short-lettered

‘Between two lies’
Said he about His Friends

O friend!
Shall I tell you about the twin lies-?
First about deception,
Then ‘bout confession

The false ones pretend to be saints
For their miracles needing complements
They call themselves to be His friends
Whereas He is distant from their dreams

They crave for world's recognition
And raise themselves to such position

Nay, they are not.
Wali? Believe not!

The second lie is in fact
His true Friends’ smart tact

When one asks them
Concerning His friendship
They disclaim such titles
And shun the world’s eyes

They hide their secret from everyone
And open their hearts to Him alone

They lie to protect the Truth
And pray to protect their bond (with Him)

He is hidden
Although His signs are spread bare
His friends too are hidden
But their tales are left for us to hear

I give up! O my merciful Tasbih-
The man on the street shall not easily find
Hard is to hunt for those whom He befriend.


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