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02-18-2006, 07:36 PM
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its really a Nice poem you gotta love it :) Which one is your real Face?

They say the one with many faces connives and schemes and in deception paces, singeing all those with whom contact is made,

But all humans of different races, tongues and creeds, not ostentatious but out of instinct have faces that morph and change,

If life were one big masquerade then many masks would I have bade farewell to and many would I wear,

For this one face that God has given and made so well, it has been driven hither and thither and laughed and cried and played,

This face has looked at things forbidden and it has saddened at the vision of misery and poverty and pain,

This face has laughed at times so loudly and it has been held up so proudly and it has smiled and wished others 'good day',

This face has been in pain contorted and deep in thought its brow was knotted for many nights and many more bright days,

But then this face hangs low and sinks five times a day to bow and pray to The One true Lord who willed it to be made,

And this face's brow kisses the ground from its highest point it drops unbound except through obedience and love and shame,

This face has seen scenes of vast beauty and contemplated and then said duly 'all praise be to the One who never fades',

Oh Lord of mine and all things this face of mine is drawing different pantomimes for every single day,

Yet the only time that this face rests and reflects a soul that's at its best is when I stand before Allah for prayer,

Oh Lord of mine which face will I be wearing on the day when I shall stand before you questioned and alone?

Will my face be smiling and bright with light that shines around me - will I be relieved, oh Allah make it so!

This face is nothing but a mask, its youth and beauty will not last but which part of me does it reflect?

Do faces mirror souls neglected by their holders and uncorrected through disregard of remembrance of Allah?

Do faces reflect whims of self, dazzled and dwarfed by greed and wealth, suppressed by grinding worldly competition?

Do faces hide fiery desires, a spark of anger, words that pry and hurt and maim and torture other humans?

Is not the infant's face most pure? With eyes wide open it is so sure that only goodness in this world exists,

I long to see the face of he who was sent as mercy to all beings who lit and nourished hearts with brilliant smiles,

And in the time of true existence a blessing granted will outdistance all imaginable gifts and accolades,

The servants who were most sincere and lived their lives in hope and fear of displeasing The Most Merciful Creator,

Will be called upon to look and marvel at Allah's face, the source of beauty, the Giver of provision, life and faith,

And as I sit and write this morning I worry whilst my heart is yearning - which set of faces will I wear today?

And then I recall moments of solace and peace and mercy with no malice - oh Allah in life may I always pray,

My real face is the one that worships in every action and each breath taken, alone or in a crowd of many people,

May every human contemplate in patience the ever-changing states and phases of their given face.
[By Saleh Eissa]

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