View Full Version : How about Nabi' disrespect event in your country?

02-23-2006, 03:43 AM
I am muslim in Thailand.
Muslims here are very angry of this event.And we are boycotting Denmark's product now.2-3 weeks ago we went to protest in front of Denmark's embassy with peace.
How about Nabi' disrespect event in your country?
We must do something because we must reply Nabi' "What do you do when i was disrespected?"

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Ummu Amatullah
02-23-2006, 04:13 AM
format_quote Originally Posted by abufikr
We must do something because we must reply Nabi' "What do you do when i was disrespected?"
Asallama Alaikum brother,
If by that post you meant that Prophet Muhammad will ask us why we haven't defended him,then brother you're wrong.Mainly because even when Prophet Muhammad was respected and held in high esteem the Quraish of Makkah inflicted many casualties upon him and the practicing muslims.The situation went from mockery to belittlement and persecution.The Muslims were beheaded,Mocked,Persecuted,burnt,wipped from night to day(such as Bilaal(R),and still the Prophet(pbuh) was forbearing and pardoning towards the Pagans.One incident has it that when Prophet Muhammad one day was making Salaah in the Ka'ba Abu Jahl declared that some where in the middle of a certain town or village a dead camel lay.He asked someone to go fetch the camels intestine and put it on the Prophet's(pbuh) neck or back while he was bowing in Salaah.A man by the name of Utbah bin Mu'ait volunteered and did just as Abu Jahal instructed.One of the campanions were present at the Ka'ba and was a witness to the incident.He was at no power to do anything and ran to the house of the Prophet(pbuh).He was greeted by Fadumo(R) and she was the one whom ran to the Ka'bah and took the pound of rotten flesh off her father's back then she began to insult and curse the Pagans.
Now from this story we already know that there was a Sahaba present when Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) was being insulted and mocked at.Now my question is that if we(Muslims) are going to be asked why we didn't defend Prophet Muhammad(S.W.T),then why is it that,that Sahaba which was present wasn't asked why he didn't physically defend the Prophet?

02-23-2006, 09:05 AM
Salalm sister Im a bit confused. Do you mean sister that we should remain silent. Because toady muslim have the greates of power and wealth, even though it is not apparent. At a time when the enemies of Islam are waging war sould we remain silent in our home or should we "March forth, wether you are light or heavy, strive hard with your wealth and your lives in the cause of Allah. This is better for you, if you but knew." [9:41] Allah orders us to fight the disbelievers like they fight us. If they put sanctinons on us, then the least we could do is boycott their goods. That does not mean if they carpet bomb our mothers, daughters, sister and all brothers and sister in Islam under the name of fighting terrorism we do the same. No. what we do is in accordance of our prohpet Muhammed PBUH. And that is to be just. And to be just does not mean to remain silent. Look at the time when the muslims were in power, they took over most of the world, but yes when they were not in power and the deen was kept a secret they remained silent and kept patient, praying that Allah gives them victory. So the point im trying to make is that we as muslims should do what we can with our current situtaion without transgressing the limits. Remember Islam came to bring justcie to the world. Wht kind of justcie are we providing for those servants of Allah that are being persecuted. And yes we will be questioned on the day of judgement on how we sepnt our, wealth, time, and lives. Yes we will brought to justice for our ignorance and turning a blind eye to those who are suffereing.

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