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02-28-2006, 10:42 PM
In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful
Many Moslem consider that the roles of God are merely rewarding
the obedient servants with the paradise in the Hereafter and punishing
the wicked and disobedient servants with the torture of the Hellfire.
They reckon that God will only play His roles in the Hereafter.
The life in the world has nothing to do with God. They believe in
the existence of God but they don’t feel His existence. Sometime
they think that the existence of God only causing them in trouble.
They oblige themselves doing good deed and to shun evil in fear
of God’s punishment. They force themselves to worship God although
they do not like and enjoy the worship, they perform it because
they are afraid of the torture in the Hellfire. They are suffering
to do good deed, because they don’t love God. What they want from
their performance of worship is the reward of paradise. Some
of them actually hate God. Their understanding about the roles of
God is completely wrong. This is because they do not know God. They
don’t understand the attributes of God.
God’s roles are actually not only to reward the obedient servants
and to punish the disobedient servants. God is playing His role
in the both worlds and every time. He is the Savior, the Guardian,
the Protector, the Administrator, the Educator, the source of happiness,
the source of peace, the source of salvation and He is Everything.
He is bestowing upon us the countless favor, bounties and pleasures,
no matter whether we obey him or not, no matter whether we believe
in Him(Moslem) or not. One example of His favors upon us is the
oxygen that we breathe. No human beings can create oxygen. God provides
it to us and doesn’t ask us to pay it. If human beings can create
oxygen, they will charge us for the usage. But God is extremely
generous. He lets both the obedient and disobedient servant to breathe
the oxygen provided. His generosity also extends to the infidels
although they worship other God. The Moslem who knows God and
His attributes will definitely fall in love with God
. He enjoys carrying out the duties and worship imposed upon him
by God because he loves God. If we love someone, we would carry
out all of his order and command without feeling boring, suffering
and forced. We’ll enjoy carrying it, right? Therefore the true Moslem
who knows the attributes of God , would love Him and would secure
the true happiness in this world, while in the Hereafter he will be rewarded with the paradise

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