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02-28-2006, 10:51 PM
Human beings, no matter how special they are, can never avoid any hardships
A ruler faces hardships, a powerful leader faces hardships,
a wealthy man faces hardships, an intelligent person faces hardships
what more for an ordinary being and general public
They face all sort of hardships, one after another

The hardships may be in the forms of illness, various kinds of illness,
stricken with poverty, being maligned, being insulted, being grudged,
being hit by a car, fallen from higher ground, had broken limbs, death in the family and affected by natural disasters.

Every so often, man are affected by man-made wars
and various crimes in everyday lives
No one is able to run away from hardships
Where would one find happiness when hardships comeby one after another!
Being poor, stricken by an illness,
at the same time, being insulted and maligned

Without knowing God, without knowing God's plan,
without knowing God's reasons for His actions
With hardships, one will be disheartened, mentally affected
Some will give up, some will commit suicide,
In the Hereafter, suffer in Hell

Knowing God, understanding His actions, understanding His role, understanding why He creates hardships
one will still have enjoyment, one will still have happiness
Examples: 1. With hardships, one will have his sins forgiven
2. With hardships, one will be awarded more rewards
3. With hardships, one will be awarded special status in Heaven in the Hereafter
One receives less in the world,
to get more in the Hereafter with privileges in Heaven, beyond imagination

Man faces various hardships in life
when accepted with open heart
it is considered as ibadah

What has been described above, is it not enjoyment to mankind?
If one understands God's role, isn't hardship a form of enjoyment to mankind?
If one understands God, hardships would be an enjoyment to him
If this is so, there is no reason for unhappiness,
no reason for giving up
Whatever God has set for us, if we understand
All are for our own good
If we understand all these
This is good news
If we understand, isn't it our enjoyment!
If we understand how kind God is to us
with hardships from God, all are for our benefits
If we are patient and in acceptance.
If so, lets enjoy hardships
It is good news from God

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03-02-2006, 02:58 AM
Thank you, I needed that, for a reminder, that all is not bad..there is good and life is a gift wrapped in surprises everyday.

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