View Full Version : Bombs and Booby Traps

03-01-2006, 02:59 AM
The bombs and booby traps of the heart are exploding everywhere.
There are more that are waiting to explode.
These bombs and booby traps exist everywhere.
From the village, city, cheap housing park, expensive housing park,
The high buildings, in the giant shopping complex,
At school, and an office.
It is scattering all over the place.
Ever at coffee houses, shops, and grocery stores.
Not less than that, it is also laid in the mosques.
Sometimes they even detonate there.
The bombs of the heart have various names.
Amongst them, which are considered as well-known, are:Envy, arrogance, flamboyancy, anger, two-facedness, back biting and slandering.
They are blowing up in all places as mentioned.
Consequently destructions happen everywhere.
Total destructions occur far and wide.
Turmoil and commotion arise wherever and whenever.
Ohhhh, there is no more place of harmony!
Ohhhh, everywhere we go, there is no more peace!
There is no more safety all over the place.
When can the bombs of the heart and its booby traps be destroyed?
When will it no longer be put in?
In order for peace and harmony to prevail in every country and state…

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