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View Full Version : Darud-Sharif and Kul-Sharif

04-17-2005, 07:31 PM

Can someone please tell me what the difference is between darud-sharif and kul-sharif. If someone can attach the text for both that would be great. Thank you.

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- Qatada -
11-20-2005, 01:35 PM
wa alykum asalam warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.

the difference between kul sharif and darud sharif is:

darud sharif
is asking Allaah subhanahu wa ta'aala to send peace and blessings upon his beloved Rasool sal Allaahu alayhi wasalam. (<< even this is a form of darud shareef) and it should be mentioned everytime our beloved Prophet Muhammad sal Allaahu alayhi wasalam's name is mentioned.

the kul sharif are the 109th, 112th,113th,114th chapters of the holy qur'an insha Allaah.

wasalam o 'alykum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.

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