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03-07-2006, 09:40 AM
I haven't been able to answer these questions to people that ask them:
- How is it moral to allow temporary marriages? People say it goes against the core institution of marriage, and what if they had a kid?
- Why did the prophet have sex with his slaves? What if he had a child with them?
- If God is merciful how can he send someone to hell?
- Does anyone actually deserve to be in hell forever?

My questions:
- If a girl is raped, but only has the DNA samples and not witnesses can the person be charged?
- If in the bible Moses had sex with 3 year old girls why should I follow Abrahmic religions if they're all so gory and brutal?

I know the bible has been corrupted but to what extent and how much of the stuff from Answering Christianity is true anyways? I remember trying to read the bible a few times but it always starts out with stories of torture, then hell fire, then punishment... at least there's some good stuff that Jesus says and Psalms but the brutality in the bible turned me off.

Now all these brutal punishments, sex with slaves, and killing in the name of Islam is turning me off.

My biggest question would be "Where is the love?" in our religion? Are we just some failed experiment by God? Are we just supposed to submit ourselves and not feel love for other people? Don't you ever wonder about your family or friends going to hell?

According to my limited knowledge, most people will be in hell. Since Islam began there were tons of people that died before even knowing about Islam, will they go to hell? What about the people that get influenced by media and don't accept Islam?

It's very easy for someone to not accept Islam because of a few things:
Prophet had sex with slaves, hell is so hard to get into, and Islams history.

I still accept Islam because of the proofs but I'm not 'feelin the love,' that's the best way I can describe it... :heated:


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Ansar Al-'Adl
03-08-2006, 04:53 PM
All of these issues have been answered on the forum before. Please see this thread for relations with slave girls:

Please see these links for salvation of non-muslims:

Please see here for temporary marriage:

Please use previous threads to discuss such issues.


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