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03-14-2006, 11:20 PM
We wish for comfort,
But comfort is not sufficient,

We also want peace, wealth, and success in life.

However, they alone are also not adequate.

We also want happiness,

We want ease and comfort in life,

But they are also not enough,

Because we also wish for peace, harmony and security,

We do not only want something that is material,

Because it is not enough,

We also need something that is spiritual,

We are in need of a high position, to be well known and respected,

Nevertheless these fulfillment are also are not sufficient in life.

We are also in need of love, care and unity,

These bestowments are needed by every human, regardless of his position or status.

Also needed, arguably, is luxury. Yet, that also is not enough.

This is because we also need the feelings of humanity, mercy, sympathy and togetherness,

Look, the needs of human being are numerous,

Normally, God will not give bestow all of them upon mankind.

If everything is given, man will claim(profess) that he is God,

Even though his mouth may not utter it (that he is god), his behavior will express it.

At the present time, where parts of a human's needs are granted, he has forgotten his God, he has become a disobedient servant,

What if he was granted everything? He would definitely claim himself to be God

Therefore be with God, and surrender to Him,

As He owns the whole things,

To own [the love,mercy and blessings of] Him, means we own everything!

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03-14-2006, 11:38 PM
j/k bro

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