View Full Version : Whose out to feel joy from ur pain ?

03-15-2006, 07:35 AM
I read this thought i should share it.

kept keeping it real, tough life hard drive they dont know this.
when ur enemy comes in the form of that special friend u seeked.....a problem occurs, who 2 trust who 2 blame whose out 2 feel joy from ur pain?
its that enemy masked as ur friend........whom on every chance he gets doesnt waste time 2 make ur dreams come 2 an end....though they helped u find urself....it was all fake an attempt 2 plot ur fall....a way 2 destroy 2 annihilate 2 stab u in the back without regrets.

this being the method of the coward who hides their true colours true sinister goals thru a legitimate cause.

They say am ur friend......do u trust me?


why is ur heart silent.......emphasise on the pause....why cant ur heart answer what is the cause?
whats she trying 2 say....listen 2 the 1st whisper coz the second 1 leads u astray.

when they are slow 2 praise, follow up the good and embrace.. but quick 2 demean ridcule and chase.....do the means justify the end or so it only seems?

tired of this hard knock life..fake people and the likes, the plot is uncovered, no where 2 turn but 2 face the consequence, Time 2 come socially correct. Unleash the agenda past present and future.

they look small....when u have a sword in hand, ready 2 defend perhaps even attack the enemy retreats......cowards plan a seige when the opponent is weak (with ignorance.)...the opponent however doesnt know....simply because the enemy is masked as their

who is paramount......who is supreme....the 1 who plots behind ur back or the victim who roams carefree....full of trust and hope..loyal 2 the bone. Dont even stress....trip or feel less.
Came into the world alone.....only right that u leave alone
who 2 trust who 2 blame? whose trying 2 feel joy thru ur pain.

dont hate the player hate the game......hate is a strong word i crave 2 know the players aim....why play a game? what are u trying 2 gain

Sometimes trying 2 correct those whom did u wrong..can be hard, in your mind 21 questions come at u like a boomerang u gotta catch catch & catch .

I say take the next plane out new aim never make the same mistake again!
stay strong u was the 1 wronged ....a victim in ur own circle ...misunderstood justice they did thought u had a psychosis its weird.

is silence the language of wisdom ....why does revenge tastes sweeter.....hard fall u took...got back up alone, its only right they feel ur pain and more.....but 2 let it go its the supreme way 2 go,
its hard i know..2 practice this art of self restraint...when ur driven by the effect......the cause no longer reflects on logic or the reality....

jealousy is the silent compliment many do not see.
envy was the integral part 2 why they hurt 1 whom was kind by far.....when mercy is seen as ur weakness......do u desist dishing it out, or still keep real.
when generosity is seen as stupidity...do u fold ur arms back and let it be.

Her nemesis she doesnt know whom or what it is? she struggles trying 2 get 2 know.
Should she over emphasise or let it go.?
addressed the issue but they dont hear her though, dismiss the speech when its the msg u should hear, ur loss no fuss its a hard knock life. when mis interperated without just purpose, know 1 thing

know this

it is u who has a psycosis.

Whose out to feel joy from ur pain ? its the faithless, and it hurts more when they are disguised as your friends

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