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04-23-2005, 03:31 PM

I was once with the crowd
All happy and proud
I laughed
Joked with all I had
Then one day
Night fell
Upon my door
I was alone
With none
But myself
In a world
Full of shadows unknown
There was only one shadow
That I recognized
It was my very own
In this day I am alone
All my happiness flew away
All my companions fled away
When I had everything they were there
Today when I have nothing
They vanish away
Only my creator my sustainer
The one who loves me no matter where I am
Today Allah my lord is by my side
In this dark world that I live tonight

By: Sabreen

writers notes: this poem to me means that when in this world we hv everything everyone is there and if u call them they will be there but when u loose everything even ur mom if u call her 1 times shell come 8 times shell come every time u call her shell come but when it is the 30 time shell get annoyed but allah swt hes alwyse there for us no matter if we are poor rich old young smart oor anything allah is alwys there even if u call him the 100 time hell answer with symathy and lv ALLAH LVS US SOOO MUCH!!!!!! may allah help all of us !!! ameen

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04-23-2005, 03:38 PM

Mash'Allah..that was a good reminder..Jazkhalla for sharing :)

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