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View Full Version : Intoxications

03-28-2006, 08:04 AM
There are various types of intoxications in this world
Many are uncapable of avoiding
All forms of intoxications cause the collapse of the mental and soul of human beings
Once the intoxication sets in
Human beings forget while being conscious
At that instance, parents are forgotten even though they`re still around
No families, no relations, no close friends
Intoxicated with wealth, intoxicated with title, some intoxicated with positions
Some intoxicated with drugs, intoxicated with alcohol, intoxicated with women
Sadly everyone seems to be worried only about intoxication with drugs
When humans are intoxicated with the above
Religion is a mere word
Piety and Islam a mere slogan
Islam restricted to forums and and lectures
As a result, human beings are involved with all sorts of social illness
To punish these intoxicated individuals
Hoping they would realise their mistakes
And to discard all those causing intoxications
Everyone has to return to God

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