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04-23-2005, 06:58 PM
This is the story of Sayyid al-Philisteeni , (May Allaah accept him as shaheed ameen ya Rabb).

Sayyid was Palestinian, born in the UK from south London. He and his family immigrated to Saudi Arabia when he was young where he spent most of his youth. He returned to England when he was young. He was a fit young boy and always laughing and playing practical jokes. It was at the age of 16 when he first heard about the Bosnian conflict and jihaad, from a khutbah given by a young brother who had been. He wanted to go, but nothing occurred of it.

Then he went to college, and at college he was elected to be Ameer of the Islaamic society. He became inclined towards the deen mashaAllaah, and his desire to go for jihaad in bosnia was revived once again. He started working and saving money, giving a portion to his mum to support the family, and saving the rest for his trip - mashaAllaah -look at his patience -he refused donations, saying he wanted it to be all from his sweat

He told his mother and his mother was fully supportive – subhanAllaah - she wanted him to go.

After months of preparation he was finally ready to go. As two of his Muslim brothers took him to Victoria coach station, they noticed he was unusually sad. They pressed him to see what was wrong, and he expressed his sadness at leaving his mother...

He got to Bosnia, and went to the training camp and trained up. He was widely accepted by both foreigners and Bosnians because of his beautiful friendly and funny nature. He spoke Arabic, English and he picked up Bosnian so quickly, and was a favorite of the Bosnians.

Afterwards he went to the base camp. He performed guard duty on the mountains and was in some operations. He always used to talk about martyrdom...which is not unusual, but he talked about it so much during the day. When battle plans were discussed, his face was lit up with nur...and he used to always put forward suggestions and mention martyrdom.

Then summer 1995 passed, some of his friends from the UK returned home but Sayyid remained and winter started coming upon them....

In the snowfall of the Bosnian landscapes, Sayyid slowly started changing. His character changed. He started praying at night and he would be reciting Quraan all the time. One time when sitting with friends, who were trying to make each other laugh, he broke out in tears and angrily rebuked them for laughing as he said it was the disbelievers who had a state and they were laughing, whereas the Muslims had no state yet they laughed as well. He started reading books regarding the Sunnah, and started implementing the Sunnah everytime he came across one.

One day in December he phoned his mother, and told her to send money to him, because he wanted to come home for a short time. Then on Sunday the 10th of December he phoned her up and said not to send money, because he decided not to come.

Then on Tuesday afternoon, the 12th of December 1995, while he was in the base camp, a van with explosives blew up and Sayyid was right next to it. His body flew in the air and he died instantly. There were other people also near the van, yet miraculously they did not have a scratch on them, even though there was much widespread damage from the explosion. You see... our beloved and Final prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)said that Allaah will give martyrdom to the person who asks for it Sincerely, even if he dies in his bed -and even though there were other people near the van when it blew up, Allaah only choose ash shaheed Sayyid al philistini....Subhan Allaah!!

Now - Sayyid al-Philisteeni ‘s mother the night before had a dream in which she saw a beautiful house in the sky. A voice said to her...'this is your house. you started building it 20 years ago and today it is finished'

What did this dream mean? You see, Sayyid was taken shaheed 2 days before his 19th birthday. When u add the 9 months pregnancy and u check it according to islaamic years.... it was 20 yrs since the birth till the death of Sayyid al-Philisteeni


and two weeks later, she saw another dream, where a small bird with camouflage wings, was flying around her, then it flew down and it kissed her on the cheek.


To this day Sayyid al-Philisteeni 's mother remains strong and happy mashaAllaah Ta’ala –

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11-11-2007, 01:47 PM
^ It's Sayyaad btw. JazaakAllaah Khayr, this was on the In The Heart Of Green Birds tape.

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