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View Full Version : Impure Heart

03-29-2006, 02:34 PM
Impure heart will contaminate the mind and sight
Impurities, concealed and spiritual in nature, difficult to perceive
With impure heart, watching the immoral activities is a favourite hobby
Turning into women-freak, obsessed with them
Especially those scantilly dressed and naked ladies
With impure heart, the mind wanders into the immoral world
Imagining things with no purpose, thinking of the worthless and despicable
Expressing without contemplating and any control
Issues expressed with no prior thoughts of its implications
Obscene and dirty language has in fact become a culture
He feels comfortable with obscene words, feels good with foul words
Insulting ridiculing is part and parcel of socialising
Self conscious gone, shyness and apprehension disappeared
No thoughts about what others would say
It does not matter if others like it or not
What's important is himself, others are unimportant
The above describes the practice or culture of those with impure hearts
The eye,the tongue, the heart are all impure
Lets purify our hearts from impurities arisen from mazmumah (ill traits)
So that our lives will be free from the polluted cultures
As they are harmful for all mankind

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