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04-05-2006, 08:48 PM
May Allah swt be pleased with this brother! :)

Every day we are out & about in this world doing what we
have to do, but did any of us think about Allah? Read fajr or yaseen in
the morning? Have we ever wondered what we are doing wrong? No we haven’t, why? Because it’s ok, no big deal we can make up for it some time? No my dear respected brothers and sisters; we have to dosomething about ourselves. Let’s look at the girls of today, not all, but many of them, they go out to school college work or wherever: no scarf on the head, clothes so tight you can see their whole body, dressed half naked. Now let’s look at the reason. Well it’s for attention, they want to be attractive, want all the guys to look at them and think that they’re very pretty and they think they’ll get very far in
life like that and as I said, they’re just getting Allah angry
and shaitan happy. Ask a sister to wear a scarf she'll say “no I’m
still to young I’ll wear one when I’m older or when I get married,”
well what’s the point of wearing it then and not now? Who
knows if you’ll even live till tomorrow?

Now let’s look at the boys, well there’s to much to say I’m
one my self and I know what goes on: dressed up like the kuffar, trousers
hanging below the ankles when really they’re just asking for
their ankles to be burnt in hell. Hair spiked up, beards shaved off,
flashing their jewellery. u ask them why, “oh well if I dress as a Muslim then no one will like me, they’ll say I’m a Sufi. I have to look good for the girls wanna take one out for dinner tonight” but in reality they are making Allah angry and shaitan more happy.


My dear respected brothers and sisters, I am only 19 I’ve seen a lot in my life and I’ve also regretted a lot, I’ve been through so much and I’ve realised its all a waste.

Today we don’t wake up for fajr because we’ve been to busy chatting
away on the phone committing ZINAH all night. We miss all the Salah in the day then lie to our parents saying we’ve prayed and they believe us. How much do we disrespect our parents, raise our voicesover them, swear at them, tell them what to do, talk behind their backs, the list goes on. Its time we think from the bottom of our hearts and not the hearts of our bottoms!

What is the point having girl friends and boyfriends when Allah
has chosen our life partners already? It’s a waste of time and money. We take each other out, spend like we’re millionaires and get dumped the next day with no money in our pocket. And even then we do not learn and we start this game again with someone else, WHY?

WHY make Allah angry and shaitan happy, what is the point?

Trust me think of Allah and fear Allah, wear a scarf, dress like Muslims, don’t embarrass the Muslim ummah and watch how Allah will repay you and grant you what you wish for. Please for the sake of Allah let us quit all the wrong things and all the girl and boy thing, lets get our lives straight, lets read 5 times Salah and Quran, let us be responsible and not waste ours and our parents money, lets all stop running after the dunya like the kuffar and lets prepare for the akhira so we can build our houses in jannah instead of lighting our fire in hell.

Please understand. I am no perfect guy and this is no lecture but it’s just some useful advice. For those who think its rubbish that’s up to you but I’ve done my farz in telling you all.

all brothers and sisters to pass this on to as many people as we can and remember me in you duas wassalam

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The Ruler
04-05-2006, 08:53 PM
that was a good reminder sis....tnx :'( :'(....

May Allah help us on the Day there will be no protectition except of His

Ameen :)


04-05-2006, 08:54 PM
[PIE]:hiding: :hiding: :hiding: :hiding: :hiding: :grumbling :grumbling :grumbling Jazakallah 4 dat sis, May Allah(swt) reward you

U giv us all alot 2 think about:hiding: :hiding: :hiding: [/PIE]

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