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04-07-2006, 01:43 AM
IPOH: A church pastor who stood guarantor for a RM15,000.00 loan taken from an 'Ah Long' (Chinese loan sharks) was found dead at home with his wrist slit.

Perak Pastor Fellowship chairman Rev Jeyaraj Devadason Sundram, 43, is believed to have been under pressure from loan sharks after the borrower defaulted on repayment.

Jayaraj left behind three notes that explained how he had vouched for four men who took the loan last year, and compound interest had ballooned the debt to RM150,000.00 in six months.

According to Jayaraj's brother John, the pastor went missing on Wednesday after he had sent his wife and 17-year-old daughter to his brother-in-law's house in the morning.

"We look for him all over the town. His house was the last place we checked," said John, 44, when met at the Ipoh Hospital mortuary yesterday.

John and two relatives went to the house in Canning Garden at about 9pm and saw the notes on the floor.

"We read the notes. Then we heard the sound of running water in the bathroom," he said.

We broke down the door and found Jayaraj slumped in a chair with the shower water washing over his slit left wrist. When we held him up, he was already stiff. There was no more blood running from his wrist"

John said the notes revealed that the men who took the loan were Jayaraj's church members.

"They came to my brother or help and he agreed. Then they dissappeared without repaying the loan, causing the loan sharks to threaten my brother and his family," John said.

"He was always willing to help others. But look what it did to him."

(The Star, 07.04.2006, page N10)

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04-07-2006, 01:48 AM
A very sad story. Better to take loan from recognized banks and dont be guarantor to anybody who have no family relationship with you.



Rev. DS. Jayaraj Sundram

Age 43 years passed away peacefully on April 5th 2006 leaving behind beloved:

Wife: Violet Margaret
Daughter: Shekinah Narcissa Raj
Mother: Madam Jothi
Relatives and friends to mourn their loss.

Funeral on Friday, April 7th 2006 at 12.30pm from residence at No. 1, Jalan Cantik, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia for burial at Tambun Christian Cemetery, Ipoh.

Tel: 017 - 551 8891
05 - 547 9308

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