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Muslim Soldier
04-07-2006, 02:41 PM
because my head is covered,
my hair you cannot see,
you stare and think "its such a shame",
"how bad her life must be".
you cannot see what is inside,
my heart is warm and full,
but you cannot imagine that,
cause im not dressed so "cool",
but as your staring at me so,
with pain in your eyes,
i stare back and feel so sad,
you've been told so many lies.
you do not know you're worth so much,
your body you should hide,
instead of being judged by looks,
they should judge by whats inside.
but, you see, its hard to do,
when you let so much hang out,
boys just see your sex appeal,
and not what your about,
they do not care about your smarts,
or what schooling you have had,
they do not treat you with respect,
and to me this is so sad.
see, i have seen with my own eyes
the way mens opinions change,
when you cover your body,suddenly,
the difference is quite strange.
their eyes begin to flutter
for they know not what to do,
they realize you respect yourself,
so they MUST have respect for you!

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04-08-2006, 03:34 PM
Salaamz :)

jazakAllah bro :) mashAllah very nice!! :D

take care
w/salaam :)

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