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04-13-2006, 04:16 AM

The little girl was lost in the woods
Alone, cold
Lonely and sad
Only one bucket of food
Oh how long will it last?
There aren’t any fruits in the forest because its winter
“Oh I am going to starve to death” she thinks
Cold penetrates her bones through her warm clothing
Hunger twitches her tummy mercilessly
One morsal, two morsal and then it is all gone
“O what will I do tomorrow” she thinks miserably
Mama always said have faith my dear have faith
So the little girl sleeps under a tree with the light of faith in her heart

“What’s that my league!” Asks the Captain
“Looks like a human child Sire, a lost human child”
“Hmm, well cover her with a blanket my friends, Oh her feet are so cold
What’s that? An empty bucket!
Fill it up with food”.
Now the captain looks into her heart and sees the light of faith
He wonders at its beauty and strength
He takes a little bit of this light and puts it in his heart

The girl wakes up
She is fine, lying on her bed
“This was not a dream” she says, “This was real
I was lost in the forest
Oh how did I get back home?”
She wonders at the mystery and smiles at the light within

The elf Captain hurries back to the village
The villagers are mournful because of the famine
The bowl is set but the light is lost
The Captain puts the light of faith in the set bowl
The bowl glows
Oh what a mighty glow
Famine is not a threat anymore

Faith ,that’s faith
From one to many
A beam of light in darkness
A mighty sword, a powerful flood
And yet, it is a sweet understanding

By: Cercatore

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