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04-15-2006, 04:06 PM
"A Love Letter and "Dear Diary"

by Rabab Ahmad

A Love Letter

I send this letter with the dove of peace
To mail to you oh my dear Palestine
My special unique land, a land so pure
You will always be in this heart of mine

This is a love letter to you as my pen yearns to flow its ink
A letter with simple words that are coming straight from my heart
Oh my dear sweet Palestine, you are my one true love
My love I will love you until death do us part

Palestine, you have hidden history and your nature speaks
Your land is the holiest and has the sweetest sand
The demon wants to take what is rightfully yours
Doing anything and everything to invade you oh motherland

Loud weapons and bombs roaring at your people
The enemy attacking night and day
Killing the innocent babies, children, women and the old
Destroying whatever gets in their way

You have no joy, no peace or ecstasy
No more freedom for your children to play
You do anything, you continue to strife
Your only true weapon is for us to pray

Your people seem cold and hurt inside
Your children crying and screaming in fear
No where to go, no where to hide
Everything you own seems to disappear

Your old reminisce on their past
When they were once young and so free
Now faced with the worst horror
Of not returning to how you used to be

Fighting for your sake and for your freedom
Your children throwing stones to defeat the enemy
Fighting day and night, dusk until dawn
For their undying love for you, for peace and harmony

Your people would do anything for you my dear love
They would crawl, walk and run
They bravely stand up against the reapers touch
Sacrificing everything so you do not become undone

You watch your loved ones die before your very own eyes
Your core destroyed and so numb
Counting the seconds before another falls
Heroes and martyrs they become

Mothers, hearts ripped from loosing their loved ones
There hearts bleeding as they pray for you endlessly
Dreaming and waiting for the new day to come
Where you will return to the way you used to be

Your streets are covered with nothing but tear drops of blood
Tears that are have been shed for years and years day and night
Tears that cut deep and leave permanent scars
But for you my love, for you we will always fight

I ache seeing you suffocate from the air your breathe
All choked up you are
Restless days and sleepless nights
But you will forever be my shining star

Oh my dear Palestine, you will have more and more martyrs
Until death your people will continue to fight
Nothing is sweeter than that of a blood of a martyr
At the end of your dark tunnel, you will see the light

For you my love you are worth dying for
I hold my head up so high with pride
Caring for you and loving you for eternity
By your side I will continue to stride

Palestine do not fear for Allah is always near
In him you trust and you will soon get your victory
Just be patient and do what you have to do
To regain your land and to be forever free

I remember you in my prayers constantly
Hoping it will reach the heavens above
You will always be loved endlessly
Goodbye for now, a sweet kiss, with warm love

Rabab Ahmad, April 2003

Dear Diary

I am writing on your lines today to share with you what I truly feel
Feelings trapped within my self for no one to know but you
To everyone else it seems like my heart is left on a shelf
As I do not express or talk about whatever I go through
The words that will be in you today is unlike any other day
Because my heart is filled with anger, is injured and feeling so blue

I am going to start with a short story as I write in these pages of yours
Whilst looking outside my window into the darkening twilight
Starring with wide eyes, sad, hurt and so blank thinking
For years my land has not seen the shining stars glitter at night
As they are too busy fighting to win Palestine back again as their own
Doing whatever it will take, fighting valorously with determined might

Once upon a time Palestine used to be so free and full of peace
Palestine used to only belong to my people and for others to see
It was safe to roam every street you cross and the air was so sweet
Families in their homes, living their lives in pure tranquility
Children going to schools learning and playing with their toys
No intruders, no war, no tears, no blood and no screams of agony

This is of the past as today Palestine is faced with true terror and fear
As dark merciless shadows continue to hover around a pure land
Hurting the innocent, children and even defenseless babies
Killing with no remorse, ripping a mothers womb with their gloved hand
Murderers they are, my heart filled with suppressed hatred for them
Why cannot they leave Palestine alone, I do not understand?

A baby so sweet in a crib dies unpredictably as the ceiling falls over her head
A child shot in the face leaving his father in a state of shock where he lay
A mother's heart torn apart as she sees her only child lying dead
The old are all cried out observing the foe continue with their savagely slay
Looking out of my window, I continue to write in you as I sit on my bed
Witnessing silently as Palestine gets raped malevolently day by day

Cut deep down to my core as I watch Palestine,s history slowly fade away
Replaced by the devils trash, filth touching the ancient crushed stone
Palestine which was once an enigma enfolded in a beautiful riddle
Where doves send letters of peace to Palestine so it never stands alone
Its enveloped beauty now corrupted, destroyed, beginning to diminish
A dagger to my heart, veiled sorrow and a pain I cannot condone

I feel different tonight, hurt in more ways than I ever knew
Over the tragedy in Palestine that never wants to mend
But I know Allah will never forget my precious land
I pray that I die a martyr for Palestine, my best friend
My mind, heart, body and soul I will surrender for its cause
Where I will fight for Palestine until the very end

My diary, I think to myself I can stop the pain within me if I will it away
But how can I go on when my fellow people are losing everything
I have sweet images visit my mind, falling into deep thoughts
Where Palestine returns, justice prevails and birds of peace start to sing
Where people are free, history is made again and its ancient stones recover
Where nature will speak again in summer, autumn, winter and spring

I caught a shadow skim the ground below my open window
A crow had flashed across the dark and starry velvet sky
Interrupting my thoughts, breaking it to a million shattered pieces
I think of heartbreaking Palestine again and I begin to sigh
Nothing I can do only write and voice my thoughts
Placing my head on my pillow a warm tear drops from my eye

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04-24-2006, 12:38 AM
Palestine, by sister Nuray

I'm a child who's lost his home
who's lost his friends and family
The only thing I have left is my life
and the place which was left for me

For me to protect because it's Holy
In the name of God I shall strive
I have the right to fight against "them"
I will fight, even if it means death, even if I don't survive

I don't know if I'll live by tomorrow
For tomorrow isn't promised to no one
But for me it's a different situation
Every corner you look is death, here it's simply done

I see strangers crashing through our houses
I see them hurting my sister and my friend
Innocent people who cry for help
Who are afraid for each other from "them"

Every child has fear in its eyes
They grew up with it, love and joy they know not
They try to hide their fear with their angry faces
But they are children, they’re afraid no doubt

I am afraid too, I am afraid they'll take my life
I am afraid I'll let my parents down
I wont give up I will not
For the rest of my life I will fight

Who knows how long I have?
Who knows if I make it to the next minute?
Stones and hands are all I got
With whatever I have I will fight

One day I will be able to pray in Masjid Al Aqsa freely
With my head held up high
With my people celebrating one day in joy
And having their right to live under a secure sky

They will be able to rejoice their Lord however they wish
Without being controlled, used and abused by "them"
They will be able to flourish in peace
They will build their family trees stem by stem

Although we have fear we shall strive
For the dreams we build for our future generation
They will carry our quest in protecting
No more death and no more of destroying God's creation

Our lives have one significance right now
It’s to protect our loved ones and our home
We are afraid, yet we are brave
And we’ll fight for secure skies on top of The Rock of Dome!


04-25-2006, 01:52 PM
mashAllah nice thread sis



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