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05-04-2006, 08:13 AM
To learn Mandarin, you do not necessarily have to know its characters. For non-chinese they teach us using English characters. Some charaters comes with some symbols on it such as \, /, - and \/. all those represnt the tones. When it has symbol \ on it means the tones goes down, when it has symbol / means the tone goes up, with - you have to pronounce it more than 2 harakat eg maaa. with \/ means the tones goes down first then it goes up, once again the pronounciation is more than 2 harakat. This is called pin-yin characters.

I didn't bring my book today and I do not know how to find those characters in my computer, so we will do without those tones.

Please bear in mind that the pronounciation of pinyin character doesn't follow the normal english. a G is pronouced as K, an x is pronounced as S, B as P, Z as C - tongue behind upper teeth, D as T

Wo shi Selising - I am Selising

Ni zhiao shenme mingzhi - You are called what name - What is your name?

Wo shi Malairen - I am a Malay

Ta shi Yinduren - He(She) is an Indian

Leo shi Huayuren - Leo is a Chinese - yu here is pronounce as yi with your mouth forward as if you want to pronounce yo

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05-04-2006, 08:19 AM
shenme - what
wei shenme - why
de - belong
wo de - my
Wei shenme ni bu yao zhi wo de jia
why you not want go my house
why don't you want to go to my house

05-05-2006, 01:43 AM
pronounce J as C
ni de - your

Ni de jia zai nali?
Your house located where = Where is your house?

Wo de jia zai Jilongpo
My house located Kuala Lumpur = My house is in Kuala Lumpur

Wo de jia you ba ge ren
My house has eight number people
There are 8 people in my house

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