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05-12-2006, 09:42 PM

i know sumtimes its hard 2 pray in a mosque cos 2 far & stuff, but mashallah it is heavy and u get reward looook

The Holy Prophet (saw) has said:

The Prayer in congregation is twenty seven times superior to the Prayer offered by a person alone.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

The Holy Prophet (saw) found some people absenting themselves from certain Prayers and he said:

“I intend to order someone to lead people in Prayer, and then go to the persons who do not join the (congregational) Prayer and then order their houses to be burnt by the bundles of fuel. If one amongst them were to know that he would find a fat fleshy bone he would attend the Night Prayer.
(Muslim & Abu Dawood)

Abdullah ibn Abbas (may Allah be well pleased with him) reported that the Holy Prophet(saw) said:

If anyone hears him who makes the call to Prayer and is not prevented from joining the congregation by any excuse (he was asked what an excuse consisted of and replied that it was fear or illness) the Prayer he offers will not be accepted from him.” (Abu Dawood)

"If the one who misses the congregational Prayer knew what reward lay in it for him, he would come to it slithering."

May Allah (swt) build mosques on every street so it aint hard 4 us ameen!! woo hoo

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04-28-2008, 02:44 AM
May Allah (swt) build mosques on every street so it aint hard 4 us ameen!! woo hoo
LOOOOL! ur hilarius! u start threads ina hilarius way, u close threads ina hilarius way, and u post ina HIILARIUS way!

and @ topic

Jazakallah khair brother soooo much this is so useful... i wonder why no one has posted... im sure its coz they r speechless!

makes u get in the spirit to go to masjid!

Soulja Girl
04-28-2008, 09:54 AM

Jazakallah khair for sharing bro. :)
Maybe I should make my Dad and bro read this and hopefully they'll go pray every Salah in the Masjid. :rollseyes


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