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05-15-2006, 06:38 AM
I m 39 and hubby 55. I sent my children who is 9, 8 and 6 to private school. The reason is I want them to get Islamic knowledge. If I send them to normal school, they will only learn Math, science, english, history and a bit of Islam. A bit means they will learn types of water, how to take wudhu, how to perform solah without practical. For Quran, they will hv to memorise surahs from Juz Amma and simple translation, no tafseer. Everything in one suibject. In their present school, they hv the opportunity to learn subjects like Arabic, Hadith, Quran(everyday for 1.5 hrs), Sirah, Islamic Knowledge (tawheed, fiqh and another one). Their solah is being monitored closely by teacher and prefect. Government school is free, but for private we have to pay. Their total expenses for school fees alone are 10% of my salary or 20% of my take home salary. I intend to send my children to madrasah for their secondary education which will cost me around the same amount since it is in a state whereby almost everything is cheap but very hard to get a good pay job.

I m an executive and I earn double compared to my hubby. He is retiring soon. The hottest topic in my country now is house husband married to working wife. I've been thinking of this issu for years. Of course I've been thinking of quitting my job. How nice to be at home, take care of my children and house. I'll hv more time to recite Quran. But... can I cope with financial need?

I dont mind using old car, but I want a bigger land which my hubby cant afford but he also dream of it. I can if I work. My hubby do not know how to do own business. He is not type of person who want to persuade people for something. He just work for salary, never wants to work on his own. He has the same mentallity of Malays - retiring after 55. Happily

What should I do? What should I tell him?

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05-15-2006, 11:48 AM
salam sis,

I think you should talk to your husband. If he's retiring now the financial burden will rest on you. That means you'll be supporting the family until you retire. This won't be fair on you and you may end up feeling bitter about it. After all, there is no law saying he cannot work past the retirement age is there? Just be honest about how you feel and hopefully he will agree to keep working at least until your children are out of school.

Also, would you be interested in setting up your own business?


05-17-2006, 03:40 AM
Of course I am. My dad was a fish monger. He bought fish from fishermen and sells to smaller trader. My mom set up a small shop at a corner of our house.

But I'm not sure what to sell. If I want to sell clothes, I scared that people use it to show to opposite sex how beautiful they are in the dress, in that color in that pattern. My believe is that women should wear plain clothes without any pattern and dull color. Most Malaysians love colorful dress.

If I want to sell food, say I will sell something soooo delicious, what if people overeat? What if people eat more than the amount they need? Am I to be blamed?

I've talked to my hubby last nite, he asked me which place I prefer him to be a guard. Pity him, the only thing he can think of is being a guard. He is not of good qualification

05-17-2006, 03:58 AM
u know what... i too want to open up my own business...

i have this great idea...

i am trying to learn book keeping and accounting at my own pace...(but i'm not sure when will i finish it hehehe)...

anyway... i can share u my ideas...

y not open one stop muslimah centre...

where u can find everything according to Islam from baby/children items (clothing, toys(islamic toys)) too.. woman cloth and accessories... also health food/supplement for muslimah too.
Is something a muslimah can find everything in one shop and they don't have to travel so much and go to different shops just to buy things that they need...

u can also sell just halal soap, toothpaste, lotion for the family...

if you can make a franchise... then maybe i'll be there to manage one for you hehehe...

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05-18-2006, 08:49 PM
syillia ur biz idea soudns good.. brandnaming is a veeeery powerful tool for business success.. if u can get that business up and running and make it popular, and if u franchise it, you'll be making alotttttt of money jusst out of the franchise.. let alone the comissions u get.

umm selising, there is no age of retirement in Islam, unless your husband is becoming sick to the point he cant work, encourage him to keep at it, you might wanna giv him a few ideas adn encourage him to become a biz person, that way he can be a manager and take it easy on himself rather than being a worker...

all the best

05-19-2006, 09:43 AM
Assallaamu alaykum

It should be noted that the Prophet Muhammed SAW was employed by his First Wife; i.e. she was his employer.

Hence, there is nothing wrong with you working and supporting the needs that you've expressed.

Perhaps you should look at time-management.

How are you currently managing the time that you spend with your family, husband and just as importantly, with yourself?

Do you speak or interact with the teachers of the private school?

Oh, just before I forget.
Should you sell something, like food, it is the responsibility of those who purchase it from you to not overeat and not a fault of yours should they wish to act like animals and overeat.
Each person shall be held accountable for his_her own actions.
Nobody will carry the burden (Sin) of another.

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