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05-22-2006, 08:57 PM
Why are we supposed to care about the opinions of the West?
They discriminate because we're Muslim.
I will use this statement from another person to start my thread.
We see alot of posts mentioning discrimination on the forum, usually completely off topic. So. I have started a thread where it is the topic.
Feel free to post an example, but please follow the forum rules, and a few rules for this thread.

Please, this is not a debate/flame/beef thread, provide your example and non-bigotted comment. Nothing more.

1. As always, provide sources/ links.

2. No commenting on other posts, please.

3. If you provide more than one example, the second must be an example of discrimination against a different group - not two in the row of the same. (example: first- discrimination against youth, second - cannot be about youth, third - can be about youth again)

4. No anti-anything site links. Meaning anti-muslim, anti-christian, anti-hindu, anti-Israeli, anti-whale hunting, anti-peanut butter or any anti-anything.


I will provide as my first example, the discrimination against Christians in Egypt.


My second example involves 'Bally Total Fitness' a fitness franchise and a Sikh seeking employment.


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05-23-2006, 04:33 AM

The bahai persecution in Iran.

A few words from the linked website.
"In June 1983, for example, the Iranian authorities arrested ten Bahá’í women and girls. The charge against them: teaching children’s classes on the Bahá’í Faith — the equivalent of Sunday school in the West.

The women were subjected to intense physical and mental abuse in an effort to coerce them to recant their Faith — an option that is always pressed on Bahá’í prisoners. Yet, like most Bahá’ís who were arrested in Iran, they refused to deny their beliefs. As a result, they were executed."

05-24-2006, 08:04 PM

If you have a problem with a situation or a member in particular please handle this through P.M

Jazkahallah Khair in advance


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