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05-29-2006, 01:13 AM
HI I am salim khan from swat currently working in saidu group of teaching hospital swat pakistan.I would like to tellyoui some thing about my hospital and then I will take you to the beauti (saidu group of teaching hospital swat)
saidu group of teaching hospital swat saidu sharif swat is located on the bank of River swat and just a couple of miles away from saidu sharif Airport.It is situated in the capital of swat ,saidu sharif. saidu group of teaching hospitals swat consists of two wings and its two wings are 1.5 KM apart from each other having 500 Beds and further extension of 500 Beded indoor facilities is in progress.The two wings are central wing and saidu wing.
There are seperate operation theaters ,X-Rays Department , clinical laborteries ,wards etc in each wing.
There are 22 sanctioned posts for specialists and 82 post for trained nurses.the enchatment area is about the whole Malakand Division and some parts of kohistan District as well.
this is the 5th largest Hospital of NWFP pakistan.
the central hospital was established in 1927 , consisting of an OPD, Medical officer Incharge , Dispencery ,dressing Room and two small wards for male and female patients.
Another hospital with the name of saidu hospital was founded in the capital of swat saidu sharif in 1954 ,mainly for the female patients called Zanana Hospital.
In 1958 a 15 beded children hospital was established in the already existing red crescent building adjacent to the saidu hospital.
In 1969 swat was emerged with pakistan.In 1971 all the three Hospitals i.e saidu ,central ,children and TB hospital were amalgamated and given the name of saidu group of hospitals swat ,having 310 Beds.
In 1974 a 60 beds eye/ ENT and children wards were added to saidu group of hospitals swat saidu sharif.in 1981 a house job Doctor hostel was added to this hospital.
A 15 beded casuality was added in 1987 to saidu group of hospital saidu sharif swat.
In 1988 12 Beded ICU and nurses Hostel was added to this Hospital.
From 1993 to 1997, 100 Beded ward comprising orthopeadic gynae ,Psy chaitry and children completed and commissioned.
In september 2000 , this hospital was declared as saidu group of teaching hospital swat for the students of saidu medical college swat by the government of NWFP Health department peshawar pakistan.
the hospital provides curative care in all the basic specialities including intensive and cardiac care services.

valley of swat(paradise on the Earth)Introduction :

Swat generally known as the Switzerland of Asia , is one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.The area of Swat is 4000 sq. miles with a population of abt 1250000.Its height is not similar but vaires from 2500 ft to 7500 above seal level.Swat is not only the land of attractive interrelation of natural phenomenon but it has valuable treasures of historical events too.The charming Swat , a peaceful and fascinating tract in the lap of vegetative, sky -high mountains with eternal snow on their lofty creasts , is an everlasting source of attraction for the visitors.Its beauty attracts tourists from all over the world to enjoy the soothing and serene scenery and friendly behavior of its inhabitants.

The Nomenclature :

This is an important point for us to know why do we call "Swat" and from which source the name has been contrived .In ancient history , the word "swat" is not found.The early ppl called this soil wid various names but not by the present name, Swat. Some 3000 yrs ago it was called Udhyana (Garden). In the writings of a Chinese traveller, we can find "SOTO" so this word "SOTO" has much similarity to the present name. The second base for its nomenclature is of Arabic sign. It is said that the word Swat is the distorted base of the word "Aswad" (black). As the hills & mountains of this land are covered wid thick forests, which appear in sight as black , therefore , it was called Aswad.Slowly , it became "Swad" but later on the name changed completely and the present name "swat" was composed.

Location :

The valley of swat is situated in the north of NWFP at latitude 35 degrees north and longitude 72 degrees and 30 degrees east.The sky high mountains enclose the Swat valley. Gilgit and Chitral are in the north , Dir in the west and MArdan in the south, while the Indus separates it from Hazara in the east.

Languages :

Pashto (Pukhto) is the main language spoken and known everywhere in Swat.Besides this , there are three other languages too.Kohistani language is spoken in Abasin Kohistan. Ajars and Gujars speak Gujra. Gujra is a language like Punjabi mixed with Pukhto.

Climate :

Swat is lying in the temperate zone in the northern mountains ranges of the Indo-Pak sub-continent ; therefore the weather is affected by all the climatic factors , "latitude, altitude and rain bearing winds". In summer , Swat comes under the influnce of monsoon , while in winter the cyclonic curent from Mediterranean Sea affects it. As far as for temp is concerned the height of Swat varies from 2500 ft to 7500 ft, therefore this is the colder zone. Januray is the coldest month of the yr and temp remains b/w 2 and -2 degree C. The hottest month is JUly , in which temp rises to more than 32 degre C in the plains but in mountanious areas .

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05-29-2006, 01:18 AM
Historically Swat is the most interesting valley in Pakistan. It is also one of the most beautiful, as it lies in the moonsoon belt and is greener and more fertile than the valleys further north. In lower swat the valley is wide and the fields on either side of the river are full of wheat and Lucerne; the villages here are prosperous and surrounded by fruit orchards. In upper Swat the narrow river tumbles through pine forests hemmed in by snowcapped mountains. Swat offers some of the best walking in Pakistan, as well as excellent fishing and climbing. The excavated archaeological sites here range from prehistoric caves through Aryan graveyards to Buddhist monasteries, of which here were once 1,400 in the valley.
Saidu Sharif and Mingora are twin towns (a mile) apart. Saidu Sharif is the administrative capital of Swat Division, and Mingora is the district headquarters and main bazaar area. Both are 990 meters (3250 feet) above sea level. Mingora has been an important trading center for last 2,000 years. Its bazaars are worth exploring for semi-precious stones, locally woven and embroidered cloth and tribal jewelry. At Saidu Sharif there is the Swat Museum, the remains of Butkara Stupa, the Wali of Swat's palace, and the tome of the Akund of Swat.
Marghazar is a small village at the top of Saidu Valley, 1,287 meters (4,222 feet) above see level and 13 kilometers (eight miles) from Saidu Sharif. The Saidu stream cascades down off Mount Ilam. You can stay in the Marghazar Hotel, the converted summer palace of the first Wali of Swat.
Swat Valley is blocked by snow above Bahrain in winter, but in summer you can drive up beyond Kalam and from there trek north to either the Chitral or Gilgit Valley. Swat becomes more and more beautiful the higher you go. From Khwazakhela the road across the Shangla Pass to the Karakoram Highway and Gilgit is open from May to November only.
Just north of Mingora a rocky spur juts down to the river. At Manglaur, the first town north of Mingora, a metalled road leads off to the right (east), three kilometers (two miles) to the Jahanabad Buddha and 30 kilometers (19 miles) to Malam Jabba. The one hour drive up to Malam Jabba takes you through steep hills, some of which are terraced all the way to the top and covered in fruit and pine trees. You can see the main road across the Shangla Pass to the Karakoram Highway running parallel a few kilometers to the left (north). At Khwazakhela, about 30 kilometers (20 miles) from Mingora on the banks of the Swat River, the road across the Shangla Pass to the Karakoram Highway leaves the Swat Valley. It is 69 Kilometers (43 miles) from here to Besham, on the Indus, and 70 kilometers (43 miles) to Kalam at the top of Swat Valley.
Miandam is a small summer resort ten kilometers (six miles) up a steep side valley, and 56 kilometers (35 miles), or on hour's drive, from Saidu Sharif. The turning is clearly marked, and the good metalled road runs through charming hillside villages, where the roofs of one row of houses form the street for the row above. Tiny terraced fields step up the hillside right to the top.
Madyan is a tourist resort on the Swat River, At 1,321 meters (4,335 feet) above see level, it is neither as cool nor as beautiful as Miandam, but it has many hotels of all price ranges, and being a large town has many tourist shops and restaurants, as well as a cinema.
Ten kilometers north of Madyan and about 1,400 meters (4,500 feet) above sea level, Bahrain is another popular tourist resort on the Swat River. The bazaars of Bahrain, like those of Mingora, Khwazakhela and Madyan, are worth exploring for handicrafts.
At Kalam, 29 kilometers (18 miles) from Bahrain, and about 2,000 meters (6,800 feet) above see level, the valley opens out into a fertile little plain that was probably once the basin of an ancient lake.
Just beyond Kalam is the junction of the Ushu and Utrot rivers, which together form the Swat. dirt roads follow each river, both passable in ordinary cars in summer. It is 16 kilometers (ten miles) up the Utrot River to Utrot village, about 2,200 meters (7,300 feet) above see level, past pine-shaded picnic spots by a rock-strewn stream full of fish. The Gabral Valley enters Utrot from the northwest.
The Ushu Valley runs northeast from Kalam and offers magnificent views of Mount Falaksir (6,257 meters or 20,528 feet), numerous picnic spots and superlative fishing and hiking. Lake Mahodand or the Lake of the Fishes, about ten kilometers (sex miles) to the north.

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is this you im confused :giggling:

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:rock: welcome

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welcome to LI, inshAllah have a great time here. and jazakAllah for the introduction.

wassalam :peace:

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woh blud is dis a intro or a life story :okay:

neway swat is a kool place, neva been der lol but it looks kool

hav fun ere brooo :)

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Wohhhhhhh cuzin mera piyaara bhai whaz dis?? Essay about yo lyf? lol...coodna b bovad 2 read it ...too long n tinkin/concetration kills yo braincells so me aint gonna atempt dat hehe but welcome aboard and hope ya av a beneficial stay InshAllah Peace x

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welcome enjoy!

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Welcome:brother: which likes:
1. his job, which shows you are not a bored person;
2. his valley where you can walk:)

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salam bro, keep up the good work, and keep the post coming. I read some of it, and it is interesting from what I read,

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:welcome:to the forum!

Wow! always wanted to work for the secret services...I mean SWAT team :p


I hope you have an enjoyable stay!

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:welcome: to the forums !

enjoy your stay !

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Welcome to the LI FORUM
Hope you enjoy your stay

Singa chal de waya kana :)

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Welcome and Thanks for the introduction of ur Valley Swat


wafa islam
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Asalamu alaykum

Enjoy your stay

JAza kAllah for the introduction

Wa alykum salaam

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