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06-27-2006, 01:28 PM
Why in a hurry?
By Ambreen A Goreja

'Hurry up. You are getting late for school.' These words might seem familiar to us, and why not? Either it's anyone of us, or our younger sibling, either it's our father or elder brother -- one is told to 'hurry up' at one time or the other. But what the question is that why are we only told to hurry up'? Maybe the answer is that none of us has ever tried to aconsider the outcome one faced when he hurries up.

Stating a reality, I must say that each one of us -- either we accept it or not -- is always in a big 'hurry' -- either it is hurrying up to catch the school bus, or it's hurrying up because you have to rush to the office for an urgent meeting -- either it's hurrying up to pay the electricity bills since it is the last date of submission [since you were sleeping in the past days] or it is hurrying up in the road signal because you are already late to see-off your friend at the airport -- whatever it is, we are all leading our lives in a 'hurried' way, and what we never think is 'why'? Maybe none of us have a few moments to think about all this because of our busy, 'hurried' lives.

Considering anyone of our daily routine, one finds out that starting from the morning to the evening we are all in a hurry. If doing some particular task, we think about the ones not done yet, and hence try to complete all our tasks hurriedly. Similarly, acquiring certain achievement in life, we get thoughts of the things not accomplished by us. Thus, ranging from little tasks to bigger achievements in life we are all in a 'hurry'.

If each one of us ever tries to list down any moment in our lives when we are not in a 'hurry', I'm sure to say that there is going to be an empty list or maybe there is going to be an excuse of not being able to list down because we were in a 'hurry' to do some other specific task.

One has to accept that each moment of our life is affected by the moments that still have to come. We use different excuses to make our own selves believe and somehow ignore the fact that we do not have time for each other, our relations, and our responsibilities because we are too busy, and too 'hurried'. Even if we visit any relative, we always get up earlier, and tell excuses of being in a 'hurry', because either we have to 'hurry' up get the grocery, or 'hurry' up pick our child from his school, and God knows in out 'hurried' lives, we even offer our prayers hurriedly [considering thoughts of lots of things that have to be done by us]

We are always in a 'hurry' to get the best clothes, or the best toys, or the best jobs, so that no one else can 'hurry' before us. I think besides being in a 'hurry', we all become 'selfish' too.

The last thing that I would like to say is that since our lives are so 'hurried', it seems that we are moving towards our own destinations, even our own deaths in a 'hurried' way, because in our 'hurried' moments we never have time to think about the prayers we have missed, or the prayers that we have offered [only for the sake of prayers being offered but not for our survivals in the hereafter].

Maybe 'hurrying' to visit some friend in the hospital, we ourselves suffer a car accident. So, just try to spare a few moments to think: 'Why are we all in a hurry?' And think about whether the outcome of 'hurrying' up is better or that of not 'hurrying' up.

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06-27-2006, 01:39 PM
No one is in a hurry to die :rollseyes

06-27-2006, 01:48 PM
^^So true sis - it's way better not to hurry :X

06-27-2006, 01:52 PM
Ok u just confused me with ur post... :rollseyes

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