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07-01-2006, 01:12 PM
The Sacred Word of Faith"

The fundamental article of the faith of Islam is Kalima Taiyyibathere is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger.Aperson entering the fold of Islam must assert with the fullest convinction that the sole Master of the Universe is Allah and that Muhammad is the (true) Messenger of Allah.The article of faith consists of two parts.The first Part affirms the oneness of Allah.There is no god but Allah (alone) it implies that none but the Alimighty is worthy of worship and obedience.He alone,and no one else,is our Creater, Nourisher and Sustainer.Every thing in the universe has been created by Him and owes complete allegiance to Him.No one has any kind of share or partnership in His Divinity.No one can amend or alter His will or interfere with His affairs.He alone is the Supreme Being, to whom all our prayers and supplications must be addressed.The commands and wishes of our rulers,parents,nearest friends,and even the promptings of our own hearts,cease to have any value or validity as soon as they require us to deviate to the least degree from the path of obedience to the command of Allah.The second part of Kalima affirms that Muhammad is the (true) Messenger of Allah.It implies implicit belief in the messsage of Allah as conveyed to us by Him.It implies that all the truths that he revealed to mankind and all the things he taught to the world were based on Divine inspiration.It means belief in the Holy Quran as the world of Allah, belief in the existence of the Angels, belief in the day of Judgement , the Resurrection and reward of Heaven or Hell according to one's deeds on the earth. It means unquestioning acceptance of all the commands given by Him and the laws laid down by him as the truly inspired Messenger Of Allah.

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